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Polished links to Psychology resources (2/5/2023).
Pruned dead links to Islamic and Judaic websites (2/4/2023).
Refreshed links to resources for Ethics and Philosophy & Theology (2/3/2023).
Dusted links to Greco-Roman websites (2/2/2023).
Links to Christian Tradition & Confessional agencies websites updated (2/1/2023).
Cleaned up links to resources on Comparative Religion, Hinduism, Buddhism and other East Asian religions (1/31/2023).
Pruned links to Biblical Studies websites (1/30/2023).
Updated links to Anthropology & Sociology and Art & Archaeology websites (1/29/2023).
Repaired broken links to Academic, American, and Ancient Near Eastern resources (1/27/2023).
Access to websites of religious organizations checked and refreshed (11/14/2021).
Links to resources on Judaism, Islam & Hinduism updated (11/12/2021).
Links to Psychology websites refreshed (11/11/2021).
Philosophy and Theology links dusted and tweaked (11/11/20121).
Links to resources on Comparative Religion and Ethics repaired (11/10/2021).
Links to East Asian websites pruned (11/9/2021).
Links to Christian Tradition websites updated (11/8/2021).
Links to Buddhist sources checked and refreshed (11/7/2021).
Biblical Studies links pruned and updated (11/7/2021).
Links to Art and Archaeology websites restored (11/6/2021).
Links to resources for Sociology and Anthropology updated (11/6/2021).
American Studies and Ancient Near East links re-excavated (11/5/2021).
Links to academic sites polished (11/5/2021).
All links checked & tweaked to update access (12/4/2020).

Dead links pruned from the awards & reviews page (8/20/2020).

Analyzed links to resources for psychology of religion (8/20/2020).

Updated links to sources on philosophy and theology (8/19/2020).

Jewish studies links polished (8/18/2020).

Links to resources on Hinduism and Islam refreshed (8/17/2020).

Greco-Roman websites re-excavated (8/16/2020).

Links to resources on ethics updated (8/15/2020).

Links to official websites of religious agencies polished (8/14/2020).

Missing links to WWW resources on Christian tradition restored (8/13/2020).

Checked & tweaked links to resources on comparative religion (8/12/2020).

Links to websites on Buddhism and East Asian religions polished (8/11/2020).

All biblical studies links updated (8/10/2020).

Broken links to art and archaeology resources restored (8/8/2020).

Links to anthropology and sociology websites updated (8/7/2020).
Ancient Near East listings updated (8/6/2020).

Broken links to resources on religion in the Americas repaired (8/5/2020).

Links to Academic websites refreshed (8/4/2020).
Links to  websites with information on Islam updated (1/11/2020).
Links to official websites of major religious agencies repaired (1/10/2020).
Links to resources of Hindu tradition cleaned up (1/9/2020).
Ethics & Moral Values links corrected (1/7/2020).
Links to Greco-Roman websites re-excavated (1/6/2020).
Links to resources on Chinese and Japanese religions polished (1/6/2020).
Links to Buddhist websites inspected & deadwood purged (1/5/2020).
All links to online Judaic resources updated (1/3/2020).
Art & archaeology links fully restored (12/16/19).
Psychology of religion pages cleaned up (12/14/19).
Links to resources on anthropology and sociology of religion updated (12/14/19).
Links to Ancient Near Eastern websites re-excavated (12/9/19).
Broken links to resources on religion in the Americas repaired (12/7/19).  
Links to Academic websites researched and updated (12/5/19).
Refreshed links to philosophy and theology resources (12/2/19).
Christian Tradition links polished and brought up to date (11/29/19).
Links to all Biblical Studies and Hebrew scripture resources updated (11/17/19).
Take a free online Yale U. course on Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (11/12/19).
All links to resources on Christian scriptures refreshed (11/8/19).
Link to Gospel of Mary added to non-canonical gospels (11/7/19).
Link to Jesus Seminar's analysis of the contents of the synoptic sayings source Q (11/5/19).
Links to Psychology websites restored (12/14/17).
Dead Christian Tradition links resurrected (12/11/17).
If it's Greek to you, check out this digital version of the Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon (12/7/17).
Searchable bilingual (Greek/English) edition of the Septuagint now archived (12/6/17).
All broken links to cyber-resources in Philosophy & Theology repaired (12/4/17).
More links to cyber-editions of works by A. N. Whitehead & P. Teilhard de Chardin (12/3/17).
Links to resources on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life & thought added (12/2/17).
Judaic Studies links repaired (11/30/17).
Access to research on Christian scriptures current (11/27/17).
Links to web pages on Hebrew scriptures polished (11/24/17).
Islamic links restored (11/11/17).
Links to general Biblical Studies websites updated (11/3/17).
American Studies links refreshed (10/31/17).
Lost connections to all East Asian resources reestablished (9/26/17).
Antiquated Buddhist links updated (9/24/17).
Contact made with reincarnations of many Hindu resources (9/20/17).
Full text of Vivekananda's exposition of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras now online (9/19/17).
Dead links to websites of official religious organizations revived (9/16/17).
Here's a chance to add your name to the global manifesto on economic ethics (9/10/17). 
Links to all Greco-Roman religion websites re-excavated (9/5/17).
Theoi presents detailed primary resources & images for all Greek gods (9/4/17).
Ethics & Moral Values links readjusted (9/3/17).
Concerned about the consequences of globalization? Read the UN report on Social Justice in an Open World (9/2/17).
All links to Art & Archaeology websites restored (9/1/17).
Research all sides of the scientific debate on the Shroud of Turin in this cyber-archive (8/30/17).
Before speculating on the origins & influence of the Roman cult of Mithras, check Roger Pearse's cyber-catalogue of extant evidence (8/28/17).
Anthropology & Sociology pages refreshed (8/27/17).
Read the bios of the rulers of Ancient Egypt Online then take a virtual tour of their tombs with Osirisnet. Links to other Ancient Near East websites updated (8/26/17).
Academic broken links repaired and site descriptions refreshed (8/23/17).

Examine evidence before joining the controversy over discovery of a tomb & ossuaries of Jesus, his family & associates (3/5/07).  

Need to locate a source on the subject of peace? Check the Institute for Theology & Peace's online bibliography (10/11/06).

For truly divine comedy take Herman Krieger's photo tour of American churches (7/11/06).

Want official info on Jewish-Christian relations?  Check the ICCJ's web archive (7/10/06).

From David to the Dead Sea scrolls to Caiaphas.  Archaeological treasures of ancient Israel come together for one historic tour (7/9/06).

Need reliable data on any religion in the world?  Find it at your fingertips at ARDA (6/23/06). 

Puzzled by names of mythical characters? Locate their stories in Hefner's Who's Who (6/2/06).

Link to Bulkeley's online commentary on the book of Ruth added (6/1/06). 

Ethics page divided for faster loading; links updated (5/27/06).

More clues to decipher The Da Vinci Code debate discovered. Other links on Comparative Religions updated (5/22/06).

Dead Greco-Roman links restored; page divided to speed access (5/21/06).

Betrayer or collaborator? Check reports on the public unveiling of the recently discovered Gospel of Judas (4/7/06).

Major museum online exhibitions expanded.  Other art & archaeology links restored (2/23/06).

Center on Jewish Studies showcases state of the art digital multimedia. Jewish Studies page subdivided for easier navigation (2/12/06).

Ancient Near East links checked; page split to speed loading (2/10/06). 

Broken American Studies links repaired; page subdivided for easier navigation (2/8/06).

Hebrew Bible page divided for easier access. Classic studies of prophets by Davie Napier & Jacques Ellul linked (2/6/06). 

J. M. Robinson's introduction to the new quest of the historical Jesus now online (2/5/06).

Philosophy & Theology page split for faster navigation. Broken links fixed (1/25/06).

Christian Tradition page divided to accommodate new links.  Dead links revived (1/23/06).

Confessional agency page subdivided for faster access.  All websites revisited. Descriptions updated, dead links revived & links to new content added (1/22/06).

Scholars' reconstruction of the gospels' sayings source Q now on line.  Other New Testament links updated (1/15/06).

Broken Biblical Studies links repaired (1/11/06).

Swedenborgian websites added (1/9/06).

Academic links checked & updated (10/15/05).

Buddhist organizations added. Broken links to official websites of churches & confessional agencies restored (2/12/05).

Hindu links checked (2/10/05).

Sites on militant modern Muslim movements added. Other Islamic links dusted & polished (2/9/05).

Broken East Asian links repaired (2/6/05).

Complete works of Shinran now on line. Other Buddhism links restored (2/5/05).

The Founders' Constitution & many classic collections of native American lore added.  Other American religion links tuned up (1/23/05).

The Zohar & Babylonian Talmud are now on line. Other Jewish tradition sites added & broken links repaired (1/22/05).

Need to find a classic religious text?  Before going to the library check the Internet Sacred Text Archive. URLs for other comparative study of religion sites updated (1/21/05).

Tour the forum at Pompeii, visit a state-of-the art Web Gallery, or browse through Van Gogh's complete works. Other art & archaeology links polished (1/17/05).

Clinebell's survey of growth therapies added. Other psychology, anthropology & sociology links updated (1/16/05).

Anyone interested in ancient history should consult Livius. Cracks in other Greco-Roman & Ancient Near Eastern links repaired (1/15/05).

Bad Ethics links corrected (1/14/05).

New archives of Nietzsche's works & the neo-Kantian Friesian school added. Links to pages on other philosophers & theologians restored (1/13/05).

Retrace the evolution of the concept of a Messiah. Broken links to other Christian Tradition web pages repaired (1/12/05).

Dead links to Hebrew Bible & New Testament web pages resurrected (1/11/05).

Links to Academic websites updated & Biblical Studies broken links repaired (1/5/05).

Virtual Religion Network founded. Virtual Religion Index moves to new domain (12/1/04).

Finally, a functional site search, thanks to Google (8/18/04).

Launched my Virtual Religion Weblog (8/11/04).

A boon for serious medievalists! Migne's Patrologia Latina is now accessible in a searchable e-edition. (7/22/04).

Links to academic sites updated (6/22/04).

For a limited time only: tour the world's most extensive virtual museum of ancient Egypt for FREE! Other Ancient Near East links restored (6/20/04). 

Broken East Asian links fixed (6/18/04).

New gateway to psychology websites added; other psychology of religion links re-analyzed (6/16/04).

Links to official websites of religious organizations updated (6/12/04).

Comparative religion links cleaned up (6/10/04).

Links to sociology & anthropology websites restored (6/8/04).

Need accurate data on some aspect of American religion? Data archive now available on-line.  Broken American studies links restored  (6/2/04). 

Digest of N. T. Wright's Jesus & the Victory of God now on-line (4/26/04).

The real facts about the Priory of Sion revealed! Check the historical documentation of the fictional secret society at the center of The Da Vinci Code for yourself (2/16/04). 

What is Opus Dei really like? For the scoop on the controversy surrounding the Roman Catholic movement featured in The Da Vinci Code, read founder's works for yourself & compare the evidence pro & con (2/15/04).

What are the odds of coded predictions of historical events in the Bible? Here are keys to tracing the debate over the Bible Code (2/14/04).    

Who inspired the radical dialectical theology of German Neo-Orthodoxy? Meet the Blumhardts (2/13/04).

First English translation of the Bible now on-line (2/12/04).

Long before Nietzsche proclaimed the Death of God & even before Tom Paine published his Age of Reason a radical French aristocrat issued this influential critique of theology & manifesto of Free Thought (2/10/04).

Links to Ancient Near East sites re-excavated (10/8/03).

Anthropology & sociology links researched (10/5/03).

Ethics links fine-tuned (10/3/03).

Illustrated History of United Methodism now on-line; other American religion links polished (9/21/03).

Academic links up-dated for the new school year (9/4/03).

Broken links to official websites of churches & other confessional agencies fixed (9/3/03).

Links to philosophy & theology resources checked & repaired (8/31/03).

Greco-Roman links refreshed (8/23/03).

Concerned about the ethics of international affairs? The Carnegie Council's research can clarify things. Other ethics links restored (8/6/03).

Evidence of reincarnation? Check out documentary In Another Life. Other psychology links updated (8/5/03).

Links to resources on the Psalms & Psalter added (7/25/03).

iTanakh's catalog of methods of biblical interpretation added. Other biblical studies links fixed (7/24/2003)

Main Gateway to Old Testament scholarship discovered.  Other Hebrew Bible links repaired (7/22/03).

American Muslims move to counter terrorism after 9/11. Other Islamic links updated (6/28/03).

Were Jesus' brother James' bones in this box? Follow scholarly dispute. Other art & archaeology links restored (6/19/03).

Halloween navigation nightmare over. Gremlins exorcised from code in links in page header. Sorry for the fright (11/1/02).

American Studies links refreshed (10/29/02).

Broken links to Hebrew Scripture & Ancient Near East websites fixed (10/28/02).

Dead Biblical Studies & Christian Scriptures links resurrected (10/27/02).

Academic and Anthropology & Sociology web pages updated (10/5/02). 

Broken Judaic Studies links repaired (9/15/02).

Christian Tradition links refreshed (9/14/02).

For detailed information about the history & variations in the biblical text check out the resources at Bible Research (1/21/02).

Art & Archaeology links touched up (11/29/01).

Anthropology & Sociology links repaired (11/28/01).

Jesus at 2000 papers at new URL. Removed old link that had inadvertently been misdirected to X-rated material (11/27/01).

Islam for Today - an important resource for anyone concerned about the relation of Islamic religious tradition to anti-Americanism, terrorism, & the plight of women under extreme fundamentalists (11/26/01).

Broken links to Ancient Near East resources repaired (11/25/01).

Links to Academic Sites updated (11/24/01).

Links to American Studies refreshed (11/23/01).

A premier portal for students of Early Christian Writings (9/26/01).

Want a good introductory text to compare the world's five major faiths? Check out Exploring Religions (9/9/01).

Don't travel before you check Al-Mashriq's illustrated guide to historic sites of the eastern Mediterranean (9/4/01).

Important new resources for Jewish studies are Jewish Virtual Library and the writings of Daniel Elazar & Sarah Foner; links to other Judaic web sites updated (8/27/01).

Major portal for Theravadan Buddhism added; other Buddhist links refreshed (8/9/01).

Full texts of seminal studies on the historical Jesus by Martin Dibelius, Norman Perrin & John Shelby Spong now on-line. Broken Christian studies links restored (8/3/01).

Understanding Islam cyber-forum added. Other Islamic Studies links refreshed (8/1/01).

Cult or new religion? CESNUR posts news & research on controversy surrounding suppression of minority groups (3/21/01).

For students of the NT: Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts returns after a long absence (3/14/01).

Links to resources in American religion checked & fixed (12/15/00). 

An excellent Shinto glossary is among a host of new links in East Asian Studies (12/8/00).

Detailed exposition of Islamic law now on-line; other Islamic links checked & repaired (12/7/00).

Essential information for comparing religious studies programs at any educational institution in North America is now available in the on-line version of the CSSR directory of departments and programs. Links to other academic sites updated (12/5/00).

Links to Hartford Institute's gateway to the Sociological Study of Religion (12/4/00). 

Need a psychology text? Check Classics in the History of Psychology before heading to the library; other psychology links added & old ones updated  (11/19/00).

Philosophical terminology easy to define with dictionaries by Baldwin  & Kemerling; other links to Philosophy & Theology websites repaired (11/18/00). 

Tour a Mithraeum. Other Greco-Roman & Comparative Religion links restored (11/12/00).

Gateway to life & works of Sholom Aleichem added; links to other Jewish Studies websites updated (11/10/00).

A new global initiative for religious peace & justice in the 21st century (10/10/00).

Link to new website with extensive collection of Japanese Buddhist texts of Nichiren Daishonin  & Soka Gakkai (8/10/00).

Official websites of the Dalai Lama & rival Karmapa lamas added; other Buddhism links repaired (8/5/00).

A site that has everything you ever wanted to know about the Phoenicians & then some; other ancient Near-eastern links added or updated (8/4/00).

Lavishly illustrated guide to ancient Indus Valley civilizations added; links to other Art & Archaeology websites up-dated (8/2/00).

Links to primary sources for study of American Religion in the 17th & 18th centuries multiplied thanks to the American Colonist's Library (7/25/00).

Articles from South African journal Missionalia on the encounter of Christian missions with indigenous cultures added; other sociology & anthropology of religion links updated (7/18/00). 

Jain websites added (6/18/00).

Free on-line course on the Dead Sea scrolls & the controversy surrounding them (5/7/00).

Definitive critical edition of Augustine's Confessions is now on-line (2/15/00).

Links to full on-line texts of  major works by influential 20th c. religious thinkers added to Christian & Jewish Tradition, American Studies and Philosophy & Theology pages (1/31/00).

Looking for a copy of a classic of 20th c. theology? You just might find it at Religion On-line (1/30/00).

Official website of leader of worldwide Sikhs (1/28/00).

New gateway to Italian resources & academic research in the field of religion (1/27/00). 

Get free assessment of latest books in biblical research from official professional cyber-journal (1/26/00).

Hindu, Islamic & Judaic Studies links checked & repaired (1/25/00).

Links to sites on Greco-Roman Studies, Ethics & Philosophy & Theology pages refreshed (1/24/00). 

Important new Tibetan Buddhist website added. Links to other Buddhist & East Asian Studies sites refreshed. Comparative Religion page updated (1/21/00).

Links to sites on American Studies, Ancient Near East, Anthropology & Sociology of Religion & Religious Art & Archaeology pages checked & repaired (1/20/00).

Links to Christian scriptures reorganized & expanded (1/6/00).

For timely information on any religion-related issue, check Beliefnet (1/3/00).

Links to Academic Sites, Biblical Studies & Confessional Agencies refreshed for the millennium (1/2/00).

For authoritative resources on information about Samaria, visit Shomran (10/1/99).

Official information on Unification Church added (9/28/99).

E-edition of recent book on God & Science added. Other links in Philosophy & Theology and Psychology of Religion up-dated (9/6/99).

Hindu, Jewish & Islamic Studies pages polished (9/4/99).

Greco-Roman Studies up-dated (9/1/99).

China the Beautiful: exquisite cyber-site for all aspects of Chinese culture added; other East Asian links polished (8/31/99).

Christian Tradition & Comparative Religious Studies pages updated (8/30/99)

Biblical Studies, Hebrew & Christian Scriptures, and Buddhist Studies pages checked & refreshed (8/28/99).

Anthropology & Sociology, Ancient Near East, Archaeology & Religious Art pages cleaned up (8/27/99)

Broken links repaired on Academic Sites & American Studies web pages (8/26/99).

VRI redesigned with MS FrontPage 2000 to streamline appearance & facilitate maintenance (8/21-25/99).

More on-line resources for study of early esoteric gospels: Thomas, Philip, Truth & Secret Mark (8/9/99).

The Journal of Hebrew Scripture & the Gateless Passage to Chinese Buddhism have new addresses. Update your links (6/28/99).

Take a virtual tour in the footsteps of Paul (6/9/99).

Links to Christian scriptures websites refreshed (6/7/99).

Into His Own, an e-sourcebook for historical study of the gospels (5/6/99).

Expanded library of cyber-sites focused on the Dead Sea Scrolls (4/26/99).

Looking for a painting by a favorite artist? Check Carol Gerten's artist indices (4/4/99).

In time for Easter: a virtual tour of the historic church of the Holy Sepulchre (3/31/99).

Cyberspace's ArtMuseum.net opens with a definitive exhibit of Van Gogh's art & thought (3/30/99).

If you missed the PBS special, visit the website for Genesis, Faith & Reason or Mysteries of the Nile (3/29/99).

For a story of romance & religious conversion read about Joseph & Aseneth (3/19/99).

Scholarly debate over whether fragments found among the Dead Sea Scrolls are from the NT or the pseudepigraphic book of Enoch (3/18/99).

Want to set up a religion course? Find out what works from the AAR Syllabi Project (3/10/99).

Bluethread: a Reformed Jewish Forum focuses on the modern religious debate over Jewish identity (2/10/99).

Official website of the World Council of Churches now on-line. Other ecumenical and denominational links updated (2/4/99).

New photo exhibit of Chinese Buddhist art on-line. Alamkara exhibit of Hindu art relocated. Other art & archaeology links refreshed (1/14/99).

Hinduism links refreshed; research on Shankara's non-dualism & Gandhi's non-violence added (12/9/98).

Ethics links updated (12/7/98).

Links to resources for comparative religion restored (12/2/98).

Texts & interpretations of Marcion, the "heretic" who prompted the formation of Christian scripture & creed (11/30/98).

Library of Congress exhibit shows how religion shaped America (11/17/98).

Alan Godlas opens a gateway to the many paths of the Sufis (11/16/98).

Teach yourself to read Egyptian by deciphering Papyrus Westcar's tales of miracles in the age of the building of the great pyramids (11/14/98).

Researching Baha'i? Check the holdings of the largest Academic Library on the web (11/13/98).

Want membership statistics for any religious group? Check Adherents.com (11/13/98).

Listings in philosophy & theology updated & expanded (11/12/98).

Debating the role of politics or gender in religion? Check expanded listings (11/8/98).

For reviews of select sites read the Scout Report for the Social Sciences (11/5/98).

H-Bahai offers a hub for scholarly research on one of the youngest international religions (10/1/98).

Anyone interested in evidence for the origins & development of the Jewish synagogue can now access all important research on-line (9/22/98).

Want the latest on the Dead Sea Scrolls? Visit Hebrew University's Orion Center (9/18/98).

What's the value of the Gospel of Thomas for Jesus research? Search an archive of an international e-mail debate between scholars (9/2/98).

Interested in Islam? Musalman will aid your cyber-search (8/31/98).

Gateless Passage to Chinese Buddhism & a new Buddhist journal. Other Buddhist links restored (8/17/98).

Expanded East Asian links (8/17/98).

For students of eastern Christianity: links to homepages of churches of the Syriac tradition (7/20/98).

Academic Info, a new web-guide for quality research in religion & other fields (6/26/98).

Semeia, the avant-garde scholarly journal of biblical criticism, is now on line (6/24/98).

A scientific introduction to Spinoza's theo-logic (6/3/98).

Ancient Near East page excavated; lost websites located (4/29/98).

The renewed debate over the Shroud of Turin (4/28/98).

PBS surveys Christian origins From Jesus to Christ: the first Christians (4/12/98).

National Humanities Center's on-line guide to issues in development of American religion (4/10/98).

Can't find it here? Visit the Mother of all searchable Religion website directories: Aphids' Religion Resources on the Internet (3/27/98).

Islamic Studies links expanded, thanks to Alan Godlas' guide to websites (3/27/98).

Greco-Roman websites re-excavated (3/4/98).

Biblical Studies pages expanded & reorganized to enable faster location of desired links. New sections on electronic journals & e-mail conferences (2/24/98).

Official Sikh website added. Links to Baha'i site restored. New links to Moravians, Shakers & Santeria (11/20/97).

Parousia in cyberspace: 3 websites devoted to the quest of Jesus (Jesus at 2000, Real Jesus & Who was Jesus?) have reappeared, transformed in time for Advent. Resurrect your links (11/17/97).

Before researching that English paper consult W. S. Peterson's cyber-bibliography on British literature & religion (11/11/97).

For cyber-pilgrims: a virtual tour of the artistic & religious relics of earthquake-ravaged Assisi (11/9/97).

Britannica On-line rolls out the Rolls Royce of Internet Guides with a sizeable searchable section on Religion (11/7/97).

For Gospel researchers: more websites representing the range of current scholars hypotheses to resolve the Synoptic Problem (10/1/97).

East Asian & Islamic links repaired (9/23/97).

Paula Giese, weaver of the most intricate network of internet Resources on & for Native Americans has earned her eternal rest. Explore her wonderful handiwork before it begins to unravel. Other American Religion links updated (9/20/97).

Ancient Near Eastern websites re-excavated. Phoenician temple with e-archive of pagan myths & rituals unearthed. Links to other sites restored (9/14/97).

Mother Teresa's death gave life to dozens of websites. This is one of the more durable, detailing her life and views (9/10/97).

Launching new quest for lost historical Jesus websites. Historical Jesus Homepage & Jesus at 2000 have vanished without a trace. The cyber-servers where they were laid have been found empty! If seen, please contact. Other Christian Tradition links have been refreshed (8/19/97).

Sociology of Religion website with complete hypertexts of Max Weber's classics goes off-line at the end of August (8/9/97).

Philosophy & theology page updated. Existentialist & atheist links restored (8/6/97).

Comparative religion page revised. Search engine on the occult added & other links refreshed (8/1/97).

Religious agencies are on the move -- in cyberspace at least. Many official sites from Amish to Unitarian-Universalists have relocated to new addresses on different servers. Check updated links (7/29/97).

Buddhist links cleaned up. Some important sites, including the Dalai Lama, have new addresses, a new translation of the Diamond Sutra has appeared, while the Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment has vanished into the Void (7/2/97).

for scholars & skeptics: an English version of the International Q Project's critical edition of the prime source of Jesus sayings in the gospels of Matthew & Luke (5/22/97).

links to Judaic studies websites have been doubled in time for Pesach 5757 (4/20/97).

don't pass over the ancient treasures from Cairo's old synagogue genizah (4/8/97).

more gateways to on-line resources for archaeology & art (4/7/97).

the Vatican unveiled a remodeled website for Easter (3/30/97).

an expanded list of cult-related info on the WWW, prompted by the mass suicide (3/27/97) of "Heaven's Gate" followers of Marshall Applewhite.

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