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 General Resources

Buddhist Studies - WWW Virtual Library

T. Matthew Ciolek maintains a guide to all resources for Buddhist studies on the internet.

Buddhist Digital Library & Museum

Comprehensive catalog of on-line Buddhist texts & other resources in English & Chinese. Many links require Chinese "Big 5" character-set for browsers (National Taiwan U. Library).

Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries

Searchable on-line version of 160,000 term Monier-Williams' Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, and other classic lexica (U of Köln).

DharmaNet International

Berkeley-based central directory to everything Buddhist on the WWW. Gateway to cyber-libraries of Buddhist texts, art, & other academic resources.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

An international on-line scholarly journal devoted to research on the principles & application of Buddhist ethics in the broadest sense of that term.


Siddhartha Gautama - the Buddha

Dialogues of the Buddha

Internet Sacred Text Archive's complete hypertext version of T. W. Rhys David's 1899 translation of the Digha Nikaya (vol 2 of Sacred Books of the Buddhists) presents 13 annotated conversations.

The Fire Sermon

Buddha's celebrated sermon on release from the flames of the sensual world through disenchantment & dispassion. From the Samyutta Nikaya in the Pali Tipitaka (posted by Access to Insight).

The Gospel of Buddha

Electronic edition of Paul Carus' 1915 compilation of key texts from the Buddhist canon & other sources about Siddhartha Gautama & his teaching.

The Historical Siddhartha

Academic introduction to the life & thought of the founder of Buddhism (page from Richard Hooker's Anthology of World Cultures archived by Quangduc Buddhist website).

Life of Gotama Buddha

Lavishly illustrated recounting of Siddhartha Gotama's life & enlightenment from the Thai web site of Jan Sanjivaputta with links to the Tipitaka & other SE Asian resources.

Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion

Thanissaro Bhikkhu's translation of the Pali text of the Buddha's Deer Park sermon. From the Samyutta Nikaya in the Tipitaka (posted by Access to Insight).



Access to Insight

Introduction to the principles of Theravada, the Four Noble Truths & an extensive archive of download-ready Buddhist texts, including: the Jataka tales, the Kalama Sutta & the edicts & True Dhamma of king Asoka.

The Buddhist Suttas

Complete e-version of T. W. Rhys David's 1881 translation of the Pali scriptures preserves original pagination from vol 11 of Sacred Books of the East (Internet Sacred Text Archive).

The Dhammapada

S. Wannapok's translation of The Way of Truth, a topical compendium of sayings ascribed to the Buddha from the 2nd division of the Tipitaka.

Sadhu: Theravada Buddhism Web Directory & Portal

Well annotated searchable web directory of all things Theravadan on the internet, including introductions, traditions, personalities, pilgrimages, meditation, centers, academic sites & electronic publications.

Samyutta Nikaya ("The Grouped Discourses")

Nine on-line dialogs from the 3rd division of the Pali Sutta Pitaka including the Buddha's teaching on Not-Self, the Noble Eightfold Path, & Mindfulness of Breathing, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (posted by Access to Insight).

Vinaya Texts

Internet Sacred Text Archive's complete e-version of T. W. Rhys David's 1881 translation of Pali handbooks regulating the lifestyle of Buddhist  monks (preserves original pagination from vol 13 of Sacred Books of the East).



Buddhist Mahayana Texts

Complete text of Sacred Books of the East vol. 49 presents the Buddha-karita of Asvaghosha as well as  the larger & smaller Sukhāvatī-vyūhaPragńā-pāramitā-hridaya-sūtra (Internet Sacred Text Archive).

Causality and Emptiness: the Wisdom of Nagajuna

Peter Della Santini's translation of four short Sanskrit works traditionally credited to Nagarjuna.

The Heart Sutra

George Boeree's lucid, jargon-free English translation of the most popular Prajna Paramita text (Shippensburg U).

The Heart Sutra

Translation preserving technical terms, with extensive commentary (Buddha Dharma Educational Association).

The Diamond Perfection of Wisdom Sutra

Charles D. Patton's English translation of the Chinese translation of the Diamond Sutra [archived by Xuanfa Institute].

Kalavinka Dharma Treasury

Bhikshu Dharmamitra's e-archive of Mahayana stories & classic texts by Nagarjuna, Zhih-yi, Han-shan De-qing, & Hsuan Hua.

The Lotus of the True Law

Internet Sacred Text Archive posts complete e-version of H. Kem's 1884 translation of the Saddharma-pundarīka (vol 21 of Sacred Books of the East).


Detailed essay on the life and thought of the 2nd c. CE founder of the Madhyamika ("Middle Way") school of Mahayana Buddhism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

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