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Welfare & Environment

Center for Environmental Ethics

Pioneering center at U of North Texas provides a brief history of the field & publishes the journal of Environmental Ethics.

Economic Justice

Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating ethical issues raised by economic feudalism, free trade, the global market, poverty, profit, & Wall Street.


Network coordinates activitives of local groups & maintains a library of all environmental resources on the internet.

Ethics, Economics & Free Trade

John B. Cobb weighs the ethical pros & cons of globalization & free trade (posted by Religion-Online).

International Society for Environmental Ethics

ISEE maintains an online bibliography of over 5000 books & articles related to ethics & environmental issues complete with an on-line search engine.

The Liturgy of Abundance: the Myth of Scarcity

1999 article in which Walter Brueggemann cites scripture to argue that sharing is the answer to poverty (posted by Religion-Online).

Moral Dilemmas in Economics & Ecology

John B. Cobb argues that a free market & global industrialization are better vehicles to achieve economic justice & ecological balance than state controls (posted by Religion-Online).


War & Peace

Bibliography on Theology & Peace

Searchable multilingual catalogue of almost 150,000 works relevant to peace ethics by a broad spectrum of religious & political leaders, theologians & activists.  Some titles listed only in German edition (posted by Hamburg based Institute for Theology & Peace).

Christian Pacifism

Jeramy Townsley posts relevant quotes from ancient & modern Christian sources.


Southern Poverty Law Center monitors the growing threat of the use of the internet for hate group activities & propaganda. 

International Society for Military Ethics

Archive of the annual Conference of American & Canadian military services maintains links to all papers presented at meetings since 1982.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Winner of 1985 Nobel Peace Prize, global non-partisan federation of medical professionals & organization posts information on initiatives to eliminate nuclear weapons, landmines & violence from small weapons.

Islam Denounces Terrorism

Turkish author Harun Yahya's contribution to the war on terrorism.

Pacem in Terris

1963 encyclical of Pope John XXIII on establishing universal peace with truth, justice, love & freedom (posted by the Vatican).

A Practical Christian Pacifism

1986 article by David A. Hoekema arguing the philosophical & practical advantages of pacifism over just war theory (posted by Religion-Online).

Reading Religious Critiques of Violence as Radical Communication Ethics

Gerald J. Biesecker-Mast's address to the 1997 National Communication Association Annual Meeting analyzes the rhetorical impact of Rene Girard & Walter Wink on reforming social consciousness.


Religion-Online archives articles by scholars debating issues such as abuse of women, drug wars, guns, terrorism, & torture.

War and Peace 

Religion-Online archives articles by scholars debating issues such as cold war, just war theory, jihad, nuclear weapons, pacifism, suicide bombers, & terrorism.

What Does "Jihad" Really Mean to Muslims? 

Brian Handwerk's 2003 National Geographic article distinguishes use of the Arabic word for internal personal self-discipline and the external struggle to defend Islam by force.


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