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Torah (Law)

Book of Exodus

Complete text of B. Davie Napier's 1963 volume in the Layman's Bible Commentary (posted by Religion Online).

Genesis: A Living Conversation

Bill Moyers hosts a lively inter-faith debate on the contemporary significance of the 1st book of the Hebrew Bible.

Genesis' Genesis

Essay by Walter Mattfeld on the Hebrew transformation of ancient Near Eastern myths & motifs (Bible Origins).

JEDP: Sources in the Pentateuch

Dennis Bratcher's succinct introduction of the hypothesis of four documentary layers in the composition of the the first five scrolls of the Hebrew Bible.

The Living Commandments

Full text of John Shelby Spong's 1977 study of the 10 Commandments (posted by Religion Online).

Navigating the Bible II [off-line 1/28/23]

The World ORT Union provides elegant & user-friendly on-line tools for studying Jewish scripture. Contents include an annotated hypertext of the Pentateuch (in modern English translation and traditional Hebrew Torah portions), liturgical selections from the prophets (haftarot), & alpha indexed glossary. Site designed for use by youth preparing for bar/bat mitzvah but a valuable resource for Torah students of any age or background.

The Targums of Onkelos & Jonathan ben Uzziel on the Pentateuch

J. W. Etheridge's English translation of Aramaic paraphrase of Hebrew texts ascribed to Jonathan b. Uzziel & Onkelos (posted by Internet Archive).

World, Adam, Adamah

Yitzhak Hayutman's 1988 paper for the Academy of Jerusalem examines the Genesis creation stories in the light of concepts of time, world & humanity in modern philosophy and Talmud.

History (Former Prophets)

Book of Joshua

Emile Hirsch's 1906 overview of the fifth book of the Hebrew biblical canon and survey of traditional views and modern critical scholarship (Jewish Encyclopedia).

Book of Judges

 Analysis of the composition and sources of the sixth book of Hebrew scripture by Emile Hirsch and Victor Ryssel (Jewish Encyclopedia).

Books of Kings

Review of the contents, composition & sources of the Deuteronomist's history of Israel under David's successors by a team of Jewish critical scholars (Jewish Encyclopedia).

Books of Samuel

Emile Hirsch's 1906 introduction to the composition, contents, & sources of the story of the rise of the Israelite monarchy (Jewish Encyclopedia).

Deuteronomistic History: Life in the Land (Joshua and Judges)

Open course lecture by Christine Hayes on the biblical accounts of Israel's occupation of Canaan (Yale University).

The Deuteronomistic History and Israel's Kings

 Alison Joseph's 2016 article analyzing the pejorative Judean portrait of Jeroboam and his successors (Bible and Interpretation).


Survey of the story & significance of the figure of the prophetic hero in scripture and later tradition (Jewish Encyclopedia).

The Former Prophets: A Brief Introduction

David Miano's succinct introduction the Deuteronomic history (archived by My Jewish Learning).

Joshua in the Bible

Elie Wiesel's essay on the character and story of Moses' successor (archived by Biblical Archaeology Society).

The Politics of God and the Politics of Man

Full text of Jacques Ellul's study of 2 Kings (posted by Religion Online).

Prophets in Perspective

Complete text of B. Davie Napier's 1962 study of prophecy in Israel from its inception through the classic prophets of the the 8th-7th c. BCE. (posted by Religion Online).

Nebi'im (Prophets)

Amos (prophet)

Excellent introduction to the Judean shepherd who inspired the written collection of prophetic oracles (New World Encyclopedia).

Book of Ezekiel

Overview of the third canonical collection of Judean prophetic oracles and its historical impact (New World Encyclopedia).

Book of Isaiah

Balanced analysis of the composition and historical significance of the first major canonical collection of Judean prophetic oracles (New World Encyclopedia).

Book of Jeremiah

Lucid introduction to the second canonical book of Jewish prophetic oracles (New World Encyclopedia).

Conversation Analysis & the Book of Jonah

Summary of the 1996 discussion of Kenneth J. Person's method of analyzing the biblical novella at the Socio-Linguistics Group of the Society of Biblical Literature [Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 1 (1997)].

The Faith of Classical Prophetism

Last chapter of B. Davie Napier's 1962 study of prophecy in Israel analyzes the views of prophets from Amos to Ezekiel. (posted by Religion Online).

A Form-critical Re-reading of Hosea

Marvin Sweeney critiques traditional views of the composition of Hosea & proposes an alternative reconstruction [Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 2 (1998)].

Hebrew Prophets

Jenee Woodard's index of on-line resources for research on biblical books & passages used in the Revised Common Lectionary with specific pages for Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Jonah, Micah, etc. (The Text This Week).

What Manner of Man is the Prophet?

First chapter of Abraham Heschel's classic study of The Prophets (posted by Yeshiva University).

Kethubim (Other Scriptures)

Apocalypticism Explained: the book of Daniel

N. Cohn, J. Tabor & M. White respond to questions about the composition and interpretation of the Jewish apocalypse (posted by PBS Frontline). 

Aramaic Targum to Song of Songs

Jay C. Treat's translation (UPenn).

Book of Daniel

Detailed scholarly analysis of composition and interpretation of the Jewish apocalypse (Wikipedia).

Targum Lamentations

C. M. M. Brady's fresh translation (posted by Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies).

Targum Psalms

Edward M. Cook's translation of Targum Tehillim (posted by Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies).

Targum of Ruth

S. H. Levey's English translation, posted by Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies.

The Writings: Bible Studies, Messages, Papers

Educational aids on the books of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles, Ruth, Song of Songs, Lamentation, Ecclesiastes, and Esther (Anastasis Center).

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