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General Resources

Christian Scriptures

Websites focused on biblical texts & their interpretation are listed under Biblical Studies.

Ecclesiology: A Short Course on the Medieval Church

Yuri Koszarycz's overview offers a lucid conceptual framework for study of the development of the Catholic church's first 16 centuries (The Orb: Online Reference Book).

From Jesus to Christ: the first Christians

Marilyn Mellowes surveys current leading scholars' views of the development of Christianity from Jesus to Constantine (website for PBS Frontline special).

History of the Christian Church

Eight volume church history from Jesus through the Protestant Reformation by eminent 19th c. historian, Philip Schaaf [posted by Christian Classics Ethereal Library].

Pointing the Way: Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet

Catalog of on-line resources for what C. S. Lewis called "classical Christianity" provides a list of basic works for biblical studies, theology & spirituality. Posted by the Institute for Christian Leadership.

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