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General Resources

Statistics gleaned from public & denominational records regarding membership in hundreds of religious groups from A to Z.

American Sociological Association

Website of professional association of sociologists includes homepages for sections on sociology of religion & sociology of culture as well as ASA publications.

Association of Religion Data Archives

Lilly Endowment project to make global demographic information on religious groups accessible to educators, students, media and other researchers. Data filed by region, denomination, or teaching tools for students & instructors.  Especially useful for locating reports on localities in the U.S. (Penn State U).

Dead Sociologists Society

Larry Ridener presents hypertext selections from Lewis Coser's Masters of Sociological Thought (1977). Index provides capsule biographies & summaries of the work of Comte, Marx, Durkheim, Weber, G. H. Mead, and others.

Famous Sociologists

Gateway to hypertext excerpts from the major sociological theorists maintained by Alan Benschop at U of Amsterdam's Socio-site. Selections of relevance to religion from Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, Claude Levi-Strauss, P. Berger, & T. Luckmann.

Field Statement on the Anthropology of Religion

John K. Nelson's 1990 essay on the history & problems of defining the field of religion from Hegel to Walter Ong, concludes by endorsing Ole Riis' 10 test questions for evaluating the ideologies, ritual processes & social structures of various cultural systems. Extensive bibliography.

National Science Foundation: Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences

Research projects & reports on problems of human social organization, demography, and processes of individual and institutional change, including religion, democratization & market transition.

The Scout Report for the Social Sciences

NSF sponsored Internet Scout Project maintains searchable archive of reviews of quality sites related to the social sciences (through 2001).

The Sociological Study of Religion

Major gateway to resources for the discipline posts links to on-line articles, course syllabi, scholars' web pages, online articles, professional organizations, religious groups, and research methods of the Hartford Institute for Religious Research. 

A Sociological Tour through Cyberspace

Michael Kearl's gateway to sociological resources online includes pages on general social theory, method & statistics, the sociologies of death & dying, knowledge, anthropology & history (Trinity U). Last updated 2010.


Albert Benshop maintains the internet's premier guide to cyber-resources for sociologists. Topical index includes a comprehensive list of sociologists, electronic journals, & social issues such as deviance, discrimination, gender, power politics, religion & the history of social change (U of Amsterdam).  

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