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General Resources

ABZU: Archeological Sites

Searchable alpha index of all reports from archaeological sites in the ANE and related material [search engine of ETANA: Electronic Tools & Ancient Near East Archives].


Visually sophisticated gateway to the history of art and architecture in the Muslim world [project of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture]. 


Michael Greenhalgh's roadmap to the archives of the Australian National U's history department with 130,000 on-line images, mainly from the art & architecture of the Mediterranean basin, now includes his e-textbook on Greek & Roman Cities of Western Turkey.

CGFA: Artist Indices

Carol Gerten-Jackson's pioneering virtual art museum is a researcher's dream, with over 6000 fine scans of art work searchable by artist's name or nationality & time frame.

Electronic Images

Saundra Lipton's Religious Studies Web Guide posts this index of religious images on the WWW (U of Calgary).

Mysterious Places

Cliff Wassman leads elegant virtual photo-tours of monuments of Easter Island, Stonehenge, &  Chichen Itza.

Web Gallery of Art

Emil Kren & Daniel Marx host a searchable virtual collection of exquisite images of European art from the 12th to mid-19th c. & conduct 15 guided tours of major schools & periods. The quality of images, well-researched hyper-linked biographies of each artist & glossary of technical terms make this website itself a real treasure.

Museum Exhibits & Collections

British Museum

London's world-class museum's searchable collection of historic treasures such as the Rosetta stone & the Parthenon friezes known as the Elgin marbles.

Galleria degli Uffizi

The 16th c. de Medici museum in Florence features dozens of high-resolution images for registered visitors to download free.


State of the art official website of historic Parisian museum offers digital selections of its collections from the Near East, Egypt, Greece & Rome, Islam, & European sculpture, painting & decorative artifacts.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Features a clickable timeline of art history & samplers with hundreds of images from the NYC museum's collections from Africa, Asia, Ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, medieval Europe & later European sculpture & paintings.

National Gallery of Art

Huge collection of virtual exhibits with detailed notes. Works with religious or mythic themes include Byzantine icons, Italian altar pieces & sculpture, etchings by Rembrandt & paintings by Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Lippi, Bellini, el Greco, Tinteretto, Rubens, van Dyck, Poussin & Bourdon, Fragonard, & West [NB: to access images click on the x in each blank box].


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