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Greco-Roman World

The Ancient City of Athens

Indiana U's Kevin Glowacki & Nancy Klein lead a virtual tour of the archaeological remains of the heart of the classic Hellenic world, following the footsteps of Pausanias. High quality color photos downloadable free for academic projects.


Dura Europos Synagogue Paintings

Wikipedia's collection of online images of wall frescoes discovered in the 1932 excavations of a 3rd c. synagogue at a frontier trading post in southeastern Syria .


The Elgin Marbles

D. Pinnegar conducts an illustrated tour of Hammerwood Park's replicas of the Parthenon's frieze with occasional commentary by Plato.



The Hellenic Cultural Ministry's illustrated tour through a catalogue of museums & archeological sites from Athens to Crete to Olympia (original site of the games) to Thessalonika (gateway to Macedonia & Thrace).


Oxyrhynchus: A City & its Texts

Cyber-exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of Grenfell & Hunt's discovery of the largest collection of Greco-Roman mss. in Egypt provides images of papyri fragments, including sayings of Jesus (from the Gospel of Thomas), Jude, the apocryphal letter of Apgar to Jesus, the labors of Heracles, magical spells, questions for an oracle, a certificate of sacrifice from Decius' persecution & an order to arrest a Christian.


Pompeii Forum Project

John J. Dobbins' cyber-tour the imperial cult shrines at center of the 1st c. city fossilized by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius including the sanctuary of the genius of Augustus.


The Roman Cult of Mithras

Roger Pearse's illustrated collection of physical evidence & literary accounts of the Roman mystery religion with a hyper-catalogue of all ancient sources & a comprehensive gallery of digital images of artifacts found at archaeological sites such as mithraea at Marino (Italy), Castra Peregrinorum & Crypta Balbi (Rome), Hawarti (Syria) & Caesarea Maritima (Israel) .


Early Christianity

The Holy Sepulchre

Illustrated historical tour of the Jerusalem church that Constantine constructed over the traditional sites of Jesus' crucifixion, burial & resurrection .


Implications of the "Forgery Trial" Verdict on the Authenticity of the James Ossuary

Well documented scholars' account of arguments raised during the seven year trial of the Israeli collector accused of faking the most sensational archaeological "find" of the 21st c. & their detailed assessment of what scientific conclusions are to be drawn from his acquittal in 2012.  


The James Ossuary

2018 article by Joseph Holden detailing issues in the debate over the controversial 1st c. Jewish bone-box with Aramaic inscription referring to James the brother of Jesus and its significance[posted by Calvary Chapel].


Leaning on Theory, Colliding with Faith: Talpiot Tomb

Background, perspective & critical reviews of the Jacobivici/Cameron docudrama [from the New York Times & Wikipedia].


Magnificent Church of the Holy Sepulcher

John Gentry's blog offers crystal clear close-ups of noteworthy elements of the oldest Christian shrine in Jerusalem [posted on ExploreTraveler].


Official Report on the James Ossuary

Article by Rochelle Altmann disputing the authenticity of the inscription on the James ossuary [Bible and Interpretation].


Shroud of Turin Website

Barrie M. Schwortz's mega-archive of all relevant news and studies regarding the controversial relic posts positive and negative photographic images & an alpha indexed library of scientific papers both supporting & challenging its historical authenticity.


Medieval Europe

Gallery: Byzantine Images

 Paul Halsall's extensive catalog of links to Byzantine art & architecture on the internet including icons, mosaics & other images of monsteries, Contantinople & Ravenna. 


Legend of St. Francis

Cycle of 13th c. frescoes traditionally credited to Giotto in the nave of the upper Basilica of San Francesco at Assisi that illustrate incidents in Bonaventure's biography of the saint [Wikipedia].



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