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Africa & Oceania

Arts of Africa

Images of thousands of artifacts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection from the dark continent, searchable by geo-region.

Art of Oceania

Images of more than a thousand artifacts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection of artifacts & art works from Polynesia, Micronesia, Australia & New Zealand.

Easter Island

Cliff Wassman conducts a virtual tour of the mysterious ruins & reviews the history of controversies over their origin & significance.

Pre-Columbian Americas

The Aztecs

Lavishly illustrated introduction to Aztec culture & history (for elementary students).

Maya Adventure

Virtual exhibit of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Maya Ruins

Barbara McKenzie's exquisite photographic tour of the Yucatan & vicinity with clickable site maps of ancient & historic sites.

Mysteries of the Maya

Cliff Wassman's virtual guided tour of Chichen Itza.

Asian World

Alamkara: 5000 Years of Indian Art

Archive of 1994-95 Singapore Exhibition exploring Indian art of decoration in domestic, courtly, & religious settings. Sections on the heroic ideal, stream of devotion, & mortal women/celestial lovers illustrate elements of the Mahabharata, Puranas & other Indian classics (Kamat's Potpourri).


Fast-expanding website focused on ancient south Asian civilization posts more than 2000 illustrated pages on the Ancient Indus Valley civilizations of Harappa & Mohenjadaro.

The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Asian Art

Digital exhibits present samples of Buddhist art in China & Tibet as well as artifacts of Hindu devotion in India accompanied by expert narratives.

Indian Archaeology

Gateway to India's excavations & artifacts from prehistoric times (Kamat's Potpourri).

Kakuan Shien, The Ten Oxherding Pictures

13th c. Buddhist monk's classic series of Zen paintings & verses from D. T. Suzuki's Manual of Zen Buddhism.

Near Eastern World

Ancient Treasures & the Dead Sea Scrolls

Audio enhanced virtual exhibit tracing Israel's history from David to the post-2nd temple era through images of key artifacts & documents such as the David inscription on a stele from Tel Dan, King Uzziah's epitaph, the Community Rule & War scroll from Qumran, & the ossuaries of Caiaphas & a crucified man [Canadian Museum of Civilization & the Israel Museum].

Biblical Archaeology Society

Homepage of the publishers of Biblical Archaeological Review which features articles on discoveries & debates on the ancient eastern Mediterranean world, many on-line.

Bible Land Photo Archive

Selections from high-quality slide collection of sites, people, lifestyle & artifacts by Israeli photographer Zev Radovan.

Mysteries of the Nile

PBS' Nova offers an on-line adventure exploring ancient Egypt with 360 photos. Features the story of the pyramids & panoramic vistas of the sphinx, the great pyramid of Khufu, great court & the temple of Rameses III at Karnak, an obelisk at Luxor & the tomb of Akhenaton's grand vizier Ramose. Complete with classroom resources for teachers.

Palestine Exploration Fund (1911)

From U of Chicago's electronic open stacks: an illustrated facsimile edition of report by G. Dalman & D. Mackenzie on Jordanian expeditions: megalithic monuments at Amman, excavations at Ain Shems, & the Pharaoh's treasury at Petra.

Megiddo Expedition

Tel Aviv U's on-going excavation of the ancient Canaanite and Israelite tel presents an introduction to the site with images & descriptions of finds from previous seasons.

Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser

Jay Treat's virtual tour of the first Egyptian tomb built entirely of stone. 

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Lambert Dolphin provides detailed historical background papers on Mount Moriah to support Israeli architect, Tuvia Sagiv's research locating the first & second temples between the al-Aqsa mosque & the Dome of the Rock (complete with photographs & maps).

Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur

Video describing Leonard Wooley's 1922 excavations at Ur features historic photos of the site & dig and a detailed analysis of objects found in the tomb of Queen Puabi [produced by the St. Louis Museum for the traveling exhibit of artifacts from the U of Pennsylvania;  archived by Ancient History Encyclopedia].

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