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New Testament - General

Bible Pages

Wieland Willker offers Greek NT critical text & tools (in English & German), lists & images of papyri & an extensive set of links to resources for biblical studies elsewhere on the internet with sections on the development of the canon, textual criticism, papyri & parchment mss.

Branches of NT Witnesses

D. R. Palmer's chronological index of mss. of Christian scripture thru the 7th c. CE identifies type, contents & current location.  

Catalogue of NT Papyri & Codices

K. C. Hanson's table provides basic data for Christian mss. from the 2nd to 10th c. CE.

Canon of the New Testament

Hypertext version of George J. Reid's 1913 essay on the NT's historical evolution (in New Advent's on-line Catholic Encyclopedia) details different views regarding the authority of works such as Hebrews, James & Revelation.

Development of the Canon of the New Testament

Glenn Davis' well-documented well-designed website provides easy access to details regarding the formation of Christian scripture.

From Papyri to King James

Webpages from U of Michigan's 2004 exhibit of biblical texts includes image of a leaf from P46, containing Paul's letters (ca. 200) & later bibles.

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts

Timothy W. Seid offers an excellent illustrated introduction to NT manuscripts & textual criticism (Earlham School of Religion).


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