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Roman Catholics


Guide to websites reflecting the official Roman Catholic magisterium provides access to archive of papal encyclicals & an online catechism.

The Holy See

Official website of the Vatican offers biographies & documents of modern popes (Leo XIII to Francis) in a growing archive of searchable official Roman Catholic church documents. Other webpages on the Roman Curia, Vatican museums, library, & archives (including documents of 2nd Vatican Council).

Society of Jesus USA

Introduction to Jesuit history & spirituality and links to the order's directory of all Jesuit websites including institutions of higher education.

New Advent: Catholic WebSite

Kevin Knight's elegant website offers an on-line Catholic Encyclopedia, Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae, an archive of the works of church fathers, the texts of all papal encyclicals & capsule summaries of the 21 ecumenical councils.

Opus Dei

Official website of Roman Catholic sanctifying movement provides a historical overview, a biography of its founder, JoseMaria Escriva & selections from his writings as well as an archive of rebuttals to depiction of the order in Dan Brown's novel, The DaVinci Code.  


Scientology HomePage

Multi-lingual website of contemporary church established by prolific author, L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), provides an official overview, highlights the life & philosophy of its founder, & introduces its theology & practice.

Scientology: A True Religion

Roman Catholic trained philosopher & theologian Urbano A. Galan answers criticism of Scientology & argues that Scientology is a legitimate religion (posted by Church of Scientology International).



Official website of current Sikh leader Sri Guru Granth Sahib meticulously designed to inspire devotion offers video & audio introduction to Sikh gurus & practice, key quotations & a Sikh rosary of divine wisdom.

Sikhism Home Page

Sandeep Singh Brar's cyberbase for Sikhs worldwide provides an elegant introduction to historic Sikh gurus, saints, & shrines; the basic tenets of Sikh philosophy & lifestyle; and an e-edition of Sikh sacred scriptures.


Swendenborgian Church

Official webside of the North-American followers of 18th c. Swedish philosopher & mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg posts capsule history of the "New Church," its beliefs & tenets, & an online library including Swedenborg's complete works in English & Latin.

The Swedenborg Project

Searchable digital library archives complete works of Emmanuel Swedenborg & a bookshelf of modern Swedenborgian texts.

Syriac Christians

Assyrian Church of the East

Official website of Nestorian Christians features links to archived church news & relief efforts for Christians in war-torn areas of the Near East.

Mar Thoma Church

Digital domain of native Christian church of Kerala, India features articles on its history & heritage, the liturgy of St. James, & samples of its music.

Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch

Official website of the present patriarch of Antioch posts his messages & activities.

Syriac Orthodox Resources

Authorized digital archive summarizes the history of the first Christian church, posts a digital edition of its Book of Divine Liturgies (in English) & extensive information on the Syriac Bible, as well as links to Syriac Christian institutions worldwide.


Unification Home Page

Official website of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) provides extensive information on the life & teachings of founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

United Church of Canada

United Church of Canada

Official website provides a sketch of the United Church's history & beliefs along with an outline of its structure & links to theological schools.


Unitarian Universalist Association

Homepage of the UUA provides information on its history & beliefs.


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