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Anatolia (Asia Minor)

The Hittites

Joshua J. Mark's detailed illustrated history of the Hittites & their culture (Ancient History Encyclopedia).

Hittite Mythology

Cautious reconstruction of Hittite religion, its rituals & deities (Wikipedia).

Hittites (1600-717 BC)

Elegantly illustrated page in Ancient & Lost Civilizations on the culture, laws & religion of the Mediterranean world's first empire builders.

The Hittites

Buruk Sansal's e-guidebook to ancient Anatolian religion & mythology.

The Puppy in Hittite Ritual

Billie Jean Collins explores the Hittites' use of young dogs in sacrifices (U of Chicago's Oriental Institute).


Ancient Egypt Site

Jacques Kinnear's elegant interactive book offers a clickable timeline of Egyptian history, intro to language & hieroglyphic script, a comprehensive bibliography & links to other internet resources on Egyptology.

Ancient Egypt Online

Jenny Hill's lucid introduction includes tutorials on hieroglyphs, illustrated catalogues of ancient gods, monuments, & texts, & well-researched essays on Egyptian history from paleolithic times through the Greco-Roman period.

World Myths & Legends in Art: Ancient Egyptian

Pages from the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts on-line curriculum illustrate the myths of Osiris, Thoth & Isis.

Global Egyptian Museum

Top-quality virtual collection of thousands of well-documented images from 10 European museums.  First 24 hours of searches free; unlimited searches for "Friends of the Museum."

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Egypt

Paul Halsall's well-organized collection of links to academic quality e-resources on ancient Egypt (Fordham U).

Osirisnet: Tombs of Ancient Egypt

Lavishly illustrated descriptive tours of all the the tombs & mastabas at Luxor, Giza, Saqqara, Tell-Armana, Aswan, Siwa, & Nubia.

Papyrus of Ani: the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Arthur McGee posts a plain text version of Budge's translation of the key text of the cult of Osiris.

Thebes Photographic Project

Chicago's Oriental Institute posts Tom Van Eynde's panoramic images of important sites, including: the Colossi of Memnon, the temples at Karnak & Luxor, the Ramesseum, the temple of Isis at Philae, & valleys of the Kings & Queens.

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