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General Resources

American Religion Data Archive

Internet-based archive provides free access to quantitative data sets (polls, surveys, denominational reports, membership records, etc.) from the leading studies on American religion (Penn State U).

The American Religious Experience

Critically acclaimed project for publication of electronic mss. in American religions has sections on regional, ethnic, women's studies, American religious history & access to the Journal of Southern Religion  (Briane Turley, West Virginia U).

Divining America: Religion & the National Culture

Guide designed to help high school teachers of American history give students a better understanding of the role religion has played in development of the U.S. On-line resources arranged by century & topic. On the National Humanities Center's interactive curriculum: Teacher Serve.

Native Americans


Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Karen Strom's comprehensive catalog of websites includes indices devoted to culture, history, archaeology, & other sites related to indigenous Americans (WWW Virtual Library).

Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act

Text of 1993 congressional bill introduced by Senator Inouye & eventually passed as American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments of 1994.

Native American Religions

Internet Sacred Texts Archive's portal to ethnographic classics on the lore & ritual of native Americans.

Native American Indian Resources

Paula Giese's award-winning graphic rich meta-site provides more than 300 web pages linked to 500+ websites of north American indigenous peoples with extensive maps of native lands, indices of on-line stories (including traditions, myths & legends), native languages, astronomy, medicine painting, and unbiasing materials on Columbus Day & Thanksgiving.

Native American Religion in Early America

Pedagogical guide for introducing secondary school students to native American spirituality (posted by Teacher Serve).

Native American Spirituality

Overview of native beliefs & practices by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (off-line 1/26/2023).

Traveling the Spiritual Path: the Struggle for Native American Religious Freedom

Laura Brooks' essay advocates the religious rights of native Americans in prison.


Arctic Circle: Museum of Art, Photography & Anthropology

Cyber-center for visual & verbal education on the peoples of the arctic.

Eskimo Folk Tales

Full text of Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen's 1921 collection of the lore of the tribes of Greenland (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

In the Beginning was the Word

Library of Congress exhibit on interaction between the Russian church & native American cultures during the colonization of Alaska includes pages on state & church in Russian America & shamanism & Christianity.

Tales & Traditions of the Eskimo

Full text of Henry Rink's compendium of the folklore of Arctic tribes (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

Central America

The Aztecs / Mexicas

Glenn Welker's introduction & gateway to Aztec culture & religion includes a catalog of Aztec gods & their creation story (posted by American Indian Resource Directory).

The Book of Chilim Balam of Chumayel

Full text of Ralph Roys' 1933 translation of a Mayan text provides a window into a native American view of the cosmos & history (Internet Sacred Texts Archive)..

Maya Civilization - Past & Present

Karen Strom presents extensive resources on Mayan culture, including fables & an interview with Nobel prize laureate, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, on "500 years of Sacrifice before Alien Gods."

Mystery of the Maya

Lavish virtual exhibit of Canadian Museum of History presents extensive information & visual resources on the civilization, religion, calendar, astronomy and art of the "people of the jaguar." 

Rig Veda Americanus

Full text of Daniel Brinton's 1890 collection of the hymns of ancient Mexican tribes (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

North America - General

Tales of the North American Indians

Full text of Stith Thompson's 1929 compendium of Native American lore (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive)

North America - East

The Iroquois Book of Rites

Full text of Horatio Hale's 1883 study of the rituals of the Iroquois & related tribes (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

Myths of the Cherokee

Full text of James Mooney's 1900 compendium of Cherokee lore (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

North America - West

Aw-aw-tam Indian Nights

Full text of J. William Lloyd's 1911 compendium of Pima legends & myths (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

Becoming Woman: The Sunrise Ceremony

Gateway to all websites relating to the Apache woman's puberty ceremony provides its own introductions & many photos.

The Diné: Origin Myths of the Navajo Indians

Full text of Aileen O'Bryan's 1955 book (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

Traditions of the Hopi

Full text of H. R. Voth's 1905 study (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive)

Truth of a Hopi

Edmund Nequetawa's 1933 account of the lore & beliefs of his people (posted by Internet Sacred Texts Archive).

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