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Moral Theory

Aristotle: The Nicomachean Ethics

Hypertext version of W. D. Ross' translation of the Greek classic, from the shelves of Daniel Stevenson's Internet Classics Archive.

Georgia Harkness: Christian Ethics

Full text of pioneering woman theologian's 1957 examination of the biblical foundations of Christian moral theory & the implications for modern social issues (posted by Religion-Online).

The History of Utilitarianism

Julia Driver traces this practical, "powerful and persuasive approach to normative ethics" from classic precursors through Bentham, Mill & Sidgwick to G. E. Moore (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) .

Immanuel Kant: The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics

Abbott's translation of Kant's 1780 treatise on the foundations of moral theory.

Jeremy Bentham: Principles of Morals and Legislation

1791 classic presents argument for the priority of the principle of utility (whatever promotes happiness) in social ethics over religious and political uses of the fear of punishment.

Reinhold Niebuhr: Interpretation of Christian Ethics

PDF of full text of influential 20th c. Protestant scholar's analysis of the dialectical tension between the Christian law of love & the ideal of justice (Religion-Online edition archived by Spiritual

Reinhold Niebuhr: Moral Man & Immoral Society

PDF of full text of Niebuhr's classic analysis of the difference between personal & socio-political ethics (Religion-Online digital edition archived by

The Search for a Darwinian Science of Ethics

Essay by Larry Arnhart supports Aristotelian Darwinians in tracing ethics to the social nature of human beings (DiaLogos). 

Veritatis Splendor

Text of Pope John Paul II's 1993 encyclical on the Roman Catholic Church's moral teaching (posted by the Vatican).


Political Theory

Resources of relevance to religion & politics are on the Anthropology & Sociology web page.

Criminal & Social Justice

American Center for Law & Justice

Pat Robertson's public interest foundation to promote the rights of (Christian) believers in courts & education.

Justice Fellowship

Public policy affiliate of Charles Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries to promote reform in the adult & juvenile criminal justice system according to conservative Christian values.

Social Justice in an Open World

2006 report of the International Forum for Social Development on the problem of increasing social inequality in a globalized world economy.

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