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Ecumenical & Interfaith


Multi-faith cyber-matrix for the next millennium posts timely information on religion, spirituality, & morality from noted religious leaders, authors & journalists.

Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

Website of US Conference of Catholic Bishops provides information on current relations of the Roman Catholic Church with other churches & religions as well as access to related official documents since Vatican II.

Ecumenical News International

News service sponsored by the World Council of Churches offers religion journalists subscriptions to up-to-the-minute accurate reports on breaking stories. Get FREE daily e-mail summaries by subscribing.

Global Economic Ethic

2009 Manifesto of Hans Kung's Global Ethic Foundation (Tübingen) based upon the 1993 Chicago declaration of the Parliament of World Religions outlines five universally acceptable principles (humanity; non-violence and respect for life; justice & solidarity; honesty & tolerance; and mutual esteem & partnership) & solicits endorsement by all individuals & organizations.

Jewish-Christian Relations

Multilingual website of the International Council of Christians and Jews maintains a vast e-archive of documents relevant to the history of inter-faith relations, including formal statements by religious officials & organizations, articles by scholars & religious leaders, news reports, book reviews, & other resources.


Calendar of conferences & other events organized by Vienna-based International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue to involve leaders of world religions & governments in preventing & resolving religion- & cultural-related conflicts.

National Council of Churches USA

Agency for cooperative ventures of 38 Protestant, Anglican & Orthodox denominations provides information on policies & resolutions, a social creed, interreligious projects, as well as links to member websites & regional ecumenical agencies

Parliament of World Religions

Global interfaith movement to promote understanding & cooperation outlines its mission, programs, & declarations as well as information on all parliaments since 1893.

Sea of Faith Network

British based network for exploration of religious faith as celebration of human spiritual & social values in the post-modernist era.

The Taizé Community

Homepage of the international ecumenical French-based monastic community provides information about its history, its martyred founder Roger Schütz, & the community today plus samples of its liturgy & music.

The Text This Week

Jenee Woodard's well-designed site posts a wealth of on-line resources for users of the revised common lectionary developed by the Consultation on Common Texts.

The United Bible Societies

Cyberhub of the worldside network of national & regional Bible Societies.

United Religions Initiative

International initiative for religious tolerance in the 21st century posts charter's principles promoting peace & justice & capsule descriptions of participating religions & spiritual traditions.

World Council of Churches

Multi-lingual website of half-century old international organization of 348 Christian denominations presents its history, statements on common vision, faith & order, and other cooperative projects.

Worldwide Faith News

Official news release service of the National Council of Churches of Christ (US) & member denominations.

Evangelicals & Pentecostals

Assemblies of God

Official statements on core beliefs & history of the largest Pentecostal denomination plus links to related colleges & seminaries.

Church of God

Website of reformed Pentecostal denomination posts information on its history & doctrine.

The Moravian Church

Official website of the pietistic Czech United Brethren provides links to a brief overview of the movement, the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living & its 1995 declaration on the Ground of the Unity.



Hare Krishna homepage features on-line magazine & Swami Prabhupata's commentary on the text of the Bhagavad-gita.

Hinduism Today

Cyber-site of Kauai-based Saivan ashram's journal devoted to promoting unity among Hindu sects & dispelling misinformation about Hinduism.


Jain Principles, Traditions & Practices

Yashwant Malaiya presents a hyper-outline of Jain history & extensive links to Jain resources on the WWW.


Cyber-hub for Jains worldwide provides official education & information on the history & philosophy of the spiritual heirs of Mahavira.

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses United

Unofficial hub of resources related to issues of concern for Witnesses including biblical exegesis, religious freedom & legal cases regarding blood transfusions & child custody.

Jehovah's Witnesses

Official multilingual web site of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society provides on-line access to their publications about their beliefs & practices



Website of NY-based hasidic movement features a biographical timeline of Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson & his ideas, a library with Rashi's commentary on the Hebrew Bible (in English), Maimonides Mishneh Torah (in Hebrew), Chassidic texts,  & a sampler of Jewish tales from the past.


Unaffiliated orthodox site features free on-line courses in Jewish learning.

Shamash Hadash

Reboot of gateway to everything Jewish on WWW. Shamash_2 plans to  link websites of major American Jewish organizations & provide resources related to Hebrew Bible, rabbinic tradition & other aspects of Jewish culture. Stay tuned.


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