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Protestant Reformation

Acacia John Bunyan Online Library

Kathleen & Thomas Stewart's elegant archive of the works of the non-conformist preacher, whose graphic narratives (like Pilgrim's Progress) inspired the imagination of English speaking Protestants.

The Augsburg Confession

Full text of 1530 theological constitution presented by German Protestant princes to Emperor Charles V (The Book of Concord).

Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Full text of John Foxe's popular Actes and Monuments' (1563) rehearsal of the history of persecution of Christians, which solidified support for the English Reformation (Christian Classics Ethereal Library).

Jan Hus: Reformer, Confessor, Martyr

Illustrated biography of the martyred Czech reformer (Concordia Historical Institute).

John Calvin

Extensively hyperlinked biography of French reformer (Wikipedia).

John Calvin: Institutes of Christian Religion

Henry Beveridge's 1599 English translation of the Geneva reformer's masterpiece of systematic theology (posted by Center for Reformed Theology & Apologetics).

Luther: A Life

Full text of John Todd's 1982 biography traces Luther's struggles & catalogues his lasting achievements (posted by Religion-Online).   

Luther's Small Catechism

Seminal 1529 handbook of Christian faith that not only molded Lutheran theology but influenced all later catechisms, Catholic as well as Protestant (The Book of Concord).

Martin Luther (1483-1546)

David Whitford's survey of the German reformer's life and thought includes an extensive bibliography of primary & secondary sources (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

Martin Luther: the Reluctant Revolutionary

Companion to PBS documentary includes an interactive day in the life of a monk.

Philipp Melanchthon

Brief biography of Luther's humanistic colleague (Theopedia).

Project Wittenberg

Concordia's Robert E. Smith coordinates a collegial project dedicated to putting the works of Martin Luther (1483-1546) & other Lutheran reformers on the WWW in the original language & English translation. In addition to various worship materials the archive currently includes Luther's 95 theses (1517), his small & large catechisms, Melanchthon's History of the Life & Acts of Luther & the Augsburg Confession (1530).

Protestant Reformation

Topical list of links to primary on-line resources (posted by Hanover College).

Reformation Ink

Shane Rosenthal's mega-archive & Web gateway to works by the 16th c. Protestant reformers & their theological heirs.

Resources on the Scots' Reformation (1546-1660)

Barry McWilliams' links to internet resources on John Knox & the Stewart dynasty..

Thomas Cranmer & the Book of Common Prayer

David Garrett's brief overview of the Anglican church's liturgical reformer (Prayer Book Society of Canada). 

William Tyndale (1492-1526)

Anniina Jokinen's gateway to the life & works of the father of the English Reformation (Luminarium).

Wyclif & Hus: Two Attempts at Reform

Barry McWilliams provides a brief overview of pre-Protestant reformers with extensive links to on-line resources on the English Lollards & Moravians.


Roman Catholic Reform

Council of Trent

J. P. Kirsch's article in the 1912 Catholic Encyclopedia on the papal council convoked to rectify 16th c. ecclesiastical abuses (archived by New Advent).

Ignatius of Loyola

Biography of the founder of the Jesuits (Wikipedia).

John of the Cross

Biography of reforming Spanish mystic Juan de Yepes y Alvarez (Wikipedia).

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Links to works about founder of the Jesuits & his Spiritual Exercises (Christian Classics Ethereal Library). 

Saint John of the Cross

Links to works by & about founder of the discalced Carmelites (Christian Classics Ethereal Library). 

Saint Teresa of Avila

Benedict Zimmerman's biographical essay on the Spanish mystic from the 1912 Catholic Encyclopedia (posted by New Advent).


Missionary Expansion & Revivals

Manchester Digital Collections (John Rylands University Library)

Britain's largest collection of non-conformist religious records & artifacts now easily viewed in digital format. Images of over 3500 items in the official archives of British Methodism, including letters & journals of the Wesleys, George Whitefield, Francis Asbury, & others who influenced the early Methodist movement.

Pilgrim's Progress

Complete text of John Bunyan's 1678 allegory of the Christian life from the viewpoint of an English Puritan (Internet Sacred Text Archive).

For websites on the development of Christianity in the Americas see American Religion pages.


Modern Christianity

Archiv "Religionsgeschichtliche Schule" ("History of Religions School")

Bi-lingual (English/German) website of institute at U of Göttingen dedicated to research on 1885-ca.1925 movement in German religious scholarship that spawned many of the major trends in 20th c. biblical studies & theology. Posts capsule biographies (in German) of Wilhelm Bousset, Hermann Gunkel, Ernst Troeltsch, Johannes Weiss, William Wrede, Ruldof Otto, & others; with on-line research by Gerd Lüdemann, Alf Özen, etc.

The Barmen Declaration

1934 manifesto drafted by Karl Barth & other leaders of the German "Confessing Church" in resistance to the theological pretensions of the Nazi regime.

Benedict XVI

Official Vatican biography, speeches & writings of Joseph Ratzinger, the previous pope.

The Christian of the Future

Full text of Karl Rahner's 1967 book analyzing the changes in the Roman Catholic Church in the wake of Vatican II (posted by Religion Online).

The Cyber-Hymnal

Richard W. Adams posts lyrics, music & background material on over 14,000 standard devotional songs that have shaped theological views of adherents of many Christian denominations.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Brief biography of the German theologian who was executed in a Nazi prison camp weeks before Hitler's suicide (April 1945). More articles, like "Radical Resistance," require subscription (Christianity Today).

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Cost of Discipleship (Editor's Introduction)

Geoffrey B. Kelley's reviews Bonhoeffer's 1937 exposition of Jesus' Sermon as a call for active non-violent resistance to Nazism (posted by AugsburgFortress Press).

Gerd Lüdemann Homepage

Website of the most provocative contemporary biblical scholar in Germany posts on-line interviews (in German) on his views regarding Jesus' full humanity ("Jesus, the Sinner"), death & resurrection, & the Christian creed as well as a paper trail of the controversy sparked by his 1998 book, The Great Deception. Recent PDFs (in English) include an overview of the evolution of early Christianity & a critique of Pope Benedict XVI's 2006 book, Jesus of Nazareth.

John Paul II

Official Vatican biography with links to a detailed chronology of his life as well as speeches & writings of Karol Wojtyla, the late pope.

JoseMaria Escriva

Writings of recently canonized founder of controversial Roman Catholic sanctification movement, Opus Dei.

Mother Teresa

Catholic Information Center provides biographical information, pictures and extensive quotes on the saintly humanitarian's religious & social views.

The Predicament of Modern Man

Full text of Elton Trueblood's 1944 analysis of the ills of modern civilization & the short-comings of individualistic religion & his prophetic call for a redemptive society for the new millennium (posted by Religion Online).

The Protestant Era

Full text of Paul Tillich's 1948 book defining the Protestant principle as a "restless, critical, and creative" impulse & calling for a new reformation to meet the de-humanizing aspects of modern society (prepared for Religion Online).

More websites posting the works of major 20th c. theologians are listed on the Philosophy & Theology page under Neo-Orthodoxy, Existentialists & Evolutionists.


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