Disclaimer: Many religious groups maintain websites. The following selection is a shortcut to denominational agencies that provide important information for scholarly research on the WWW. Inclusion of a site does not indicate endorsement of its views or activities by Virtual Religion.Net. This list is provided simply as a service for those seeking information.

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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Homepage of ELCA provides Lutheran news & official announcements, plus links to Lutheran colleges, seminaries & historical resources for Lutheran faith & teachings.

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Official statements about Missouri synod doctrine & organization. Links to Concordia University system, Project Wittenberg & an electronic edition of Erwin Lueker's Christian Cyclopedia.


Methodist Church in Britain

Official website of British Methodists posts a brief history of the church in the UK & links to information on the Methodist heritage & the 2003 Anglican-Methodist Covenant.

Two Hundred Years of United Methodism: An Illustrated History

Electronic edition of John G. McEllhenney's 1984 book with 128 images from the Archives of UMC (posted by Drew U).

United Methodist Church

News & official information about conferences & agencies of U.S. Methodists. Includes web pages on the history, doctrine, & social principles of the church.

Mormons (Latter-Day Saints)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Official homepage of Salt Lake City based LDS organization provides statements about the history & basic beliefs of the church & proceedings of recent general conferences.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Strangite)

Official homepage of Michigan based LDS supporters of James J Strang, rival of Brigham Young to succeed Joseph Smith, provides extensive information on the group's history & teaching.

Community of Christ

Official homepage of Missouri-based LDS movement posts a brief history of the church founded by Joseph Smith's son & a statement of its beliefs.


International Association of Sufism

Organization founded in 1983 to promote peace & understanding of Sufi principles publishes a quarterly journal Sufism, an Inquiry & maintains an electronic interfaith, interdisciplinary forum, Sufism & Psychology Forum as well as sponsoring international conferences & projects. 


Global center for Muslim resources in cyberspace offers a tour of a Virtual Mosque (with sacred texts & FAQ sheets), a Center for Islamic Art (with historical analysis of shrines), radio & TV stations (with prayers & readings from the Quran) & districts dedicated to all areas of Islamic life.


The Orthodox Pages

Elegant website of Christopher Klitou, pastor of parish of St. George (Sylikou, Cyprus) posts the Divine Liturgy of John Chrysostom and other Orthodox liturgies (in Greek & English), along with a gallery of icons.

Orthodox World

Largest digital index of Orthodox churches globally.

Quakers (Society of Friends)

The Religious Society of Friends on the WWW

A complete list of links to everything Quaker on the internet, including the history, beliefs & activities of the society. Access to websites of Quaker organizations & Quaker-related colleges & universities.


Contra Mundum: A Reformed Cultural Review

This e-journal is a forum for the exploration of issues within the bounds of the Reformed confessions. Root page has links to other Reformed publications, websites & seminaries.

Cumberland Presbyterian Center

Official website offers historical archives of southern denomination that traces is roots to  the revivals of the Great Awakening.

Presbyterian Church in America

Provides a hyper-text history of PCA & synopsis of beliefs.

Presbyterian Church USA

Official website provides resources on the history of the Presbyterian church, information on theology, & position papers on social issues, as well as links to church related colleges & seminaries.

Reformed Church in the US

Home page provides brief history & doctrines that distinguish German Reformed tradition from other reformed churches.

United Church of Christ

Introduction to the beliefs & activities of the UCC.

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