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Life & Death Issues

Abortion Reconsidered

Robert W. Kropf reviews the philosophical presuppositions of traditional arguments opposing & supporting abortion & problems that need to be taken into account in reaching a new global solution [Dialogos].

The Ethic of Reverence for Life

Excerpted from Albert Schweitzer's 1923 critique of Western values, Civilization and Ethics [archived by Animal Rights Library].

American Life League

Website of Catholic Christians devoted to the sacredness of life.


On-line project of American Journal of Bioethics archives resources for researchers on life/death issues including bio-terrorism, cloning, genetics, stem-cell research, HIV/AIDS, medicine & health care, & end-of-life. 

On Combating Abortion & Euthanasia

Text of 1991 letter of Pope John Paul II to RC bishops (posted by New Advent).

Death and Dying

Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating issues such the meaning of death, euthanasia, suicide & views of an after-life.

The Death Penalty

Amnesty International provides documentation from around the globe to support its argument that the death penalty legitimatizes torture of the poor & powerless by those in control of the state.

Evangelium Vitae

 1995 papal encyclical from John Paul II on the value & inviolability of human life (posted by the Vatican).


Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating issues such as bioethics, cloning, & genetic engineering.

Human Life International

Website of global organization founded by pro-life priest Paul Marx, OSB.

National Right to Life

Homepage of American activist movement provides information on abortion & related issues.


Sex & Gender Issues

Casti Connubii

1930 encyclical of Pope Pius XI on chastity within marriage.

David & Solomon: Sexual Abuse & the Clergy

Julia Bolton Holloway's sensitive meditation on the painful experience of sexual abuse by people in positions of religious power lifts the shroud of silence from a social problem that has endured from ancient Israel to contemporary culture.

Divorce Archive

Mike Maness' gateway to extensive on-line resources related to all aspects of divorce.

The Future of Sexuality: Human Relationships in the 21st Century

Robert T. Francoeur surveys developments challenging traditional social morality in the second axial age (DiaLogos).

Homosexuality & the Church

1977 article by James B. Nelson in Christianity & Crisis examines biblical references to homosexuality &  the history of rejecting-punitive treatment of homosexuals & argues that a consistent Christian love ethic compels churches to defend gay rights (posted by Religion-Online).

Humanae Vitae

1968 encyclical of Pope Paul VI on birth control (posted by the Vatican).

People with a History

Paul Halsall's on-line guide provides an extensive catalog of links to Lesbian, gay & bisexual references in world literature including religious writings throughout history.

Reuniting Sexuality & Spirituality

James B. Nelson argues that God embraces the whole person, not just disembodied spirits (posted by Religion-Online).

Roman Catholic Sexual Ethics: A Dissenting View

Charles E. Curran analyzes the reasons for the reluctance of church authorities to admit fallibility in traditional positions on human sexuality (posted by Religion-Online).


Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating issues such as birth control, homophobia, masculine aggression, reproductive technology, sex & politics, the sexual revolution, & sexual taboos.

Women's Rights

Human Right Watch reports on issues such as child marriage, domestic violence, sexual violence, and reproductive issues, that adversely affect the status of women in most of the world's societies.


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