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After 7 years of widespread acclaim & awards, the Virtual Religion Index has moved to its own domain. Forwarding links have been left at the old web address to allow users time to update their bookmarks. 

The new Virtual Religion Network will permit quicker maintenance, faster updates & closer integration of this Index with the author's other websites than was possible on the shielded servers at Rutgers University. Yet like any transition, this move is bittersweet. Special thanks are due to the Rutgers Department of Religion & RU Computer Services staff for having supported this website for of a decade. Without their cooperation this Index would never have been able to reach the worldwide audience & gain the recognition it has. While this website may no longer be based on the banks of the old Raritan, those years of association will never be forgotten. (December 2004)

Editorial History


Examine evidence before joining the controversy over discovery of a tomb & ossuaries of Jesus, his family & associates (3/5/07).  

Need to locate a source on the subject of peace? Check the Institute for Theology & Peace's online bibliography (10/11/06).

For truly divine comedy take Herman Krieger's photo tour of American churches (7/11/06).

Want official info on Jewish-Christian relations?  Check the ICCJ's web archive (7/10/06).

From David to the Dead Sea scrolls to Caiaphas.  Archaeological treasures of ancient Israel come together for one historic tour (7/9/06).

Need reliable data on any religion in the world?  Find it at your fingertips at ARDA (6/23/06). 

Puzzled by names of mythical characters? Locate their stories in Hefner's Who's Who (6/2/06).

Link to Bulkeley's online commentary on the book of Ruth added (6/1/06). 

Ethics page divided for faster loading; links updated (5/27/06).

More clues to decipher The Da Vinci Code debate discovered. Other links on Comparative Religions updated (5/22/06).

Dead Greco-Roman links restored; page divided to speed access (5/21/06).

Betrayer or collaborator? Check reports on the public unveiling of the recently discovered Gospel of Judas (4/7/06).

Major museum online exhibitions expanded.  Other art & archaeology links restored (2/23/06).

Center on Jewish Studies showcases state of the art digital multimedia. Jewish Studies page subdivided for easier navigation (2/12/06).

Ancient Near East links checked; page split to speed loading (2/10/06). 

Broken American Studies links repaired; page subdivided for easier navigation (2/8/06).

Hebrew Bible page divided for easier access. Classic studies of prophets by Davie Napier & Jacques Ellul linked (2/6/06). 

J. M. Robinson's introduction to the new quest of the historical Jesus now online (2/5/06).

Philosophy & Theology page split for faster navigation. Broken links fixed (1/25/06).

Christian Tradition page divided to accommodate new links.  Dead links revived (1/23/06).

Confessional agency page subdivided for faster access.  All websites revisited. Descriptions updated, dead links revived & links to new content added (1/22/06).

Scholars' reconstruction of the gospels' sayings source Q now on line.  Other New Testament links updated (1/15/06).

Broken Biblical Studies links repaired (1/11/06).

Swedenborgian websites added (1/9/06).

Academic links checked & updated (10/15/05).

Buddhist organizations added. Broken links to official websites of churches & confessional agencies restored (2/12/05).

Hindu links checked (2/10/05).

Sites on militant modern Muslim movements added. Other Islamic links dusted & polished (2/9/05).

Broken East Asian links repaired (2/6/05).

Complete works of Shinran now on line. Other Buddhism links restored (2/5/05).

The Founders' Constitution & many classic collections of native American lore added.  Other American religion links tuned up (1/23/05).

The Zohar & Babylonian Talmud are now on line. Other Jewish tradition sites added & broken links repaired (1/22/05).

Need to find a classic religious text?  Before going to the library check the Internet Sacred Text Archive. URLs for other comparative study of religion sites updated (1/21/05).

Tour the forum at Pompeii, visit a state-of-the art Web Gallery, or browse through Van Gogh's complete works. Other art & archaeology links polished (1/17/05).

Clinebell's survey of growth therapies added. Other psychology, anthropology & sociology links updated (1/16/05).

Anyone interested in ancient history should consult Livius. Cracks in other Greco-Roman & Ancient Near Eastern links repaired (1/15/05).

Bad Ethics links corrected (1/14/05).

New archives of Nietzsche's works & the neo-Kantian Friesian school added. Links to pages on other philosophers & theologians restored (1/13/05).

Retrace the evolution of the concept of a Messiah. Broken links to other Christian Tradition web pages repaired (1/12/05).

Dead links to Hebrew Bible & New Testament web pages resurrected (1/11/05).

Links to Academic websites updated & Biblical Studies broken links repaired (1/5/05).

Virtual Religion Network founded. Virtual Religion Index moves to new domain (12/1/04).

Finally, a functional site search, thanks to Google (8/18/04).

Launched my Virtual Religion Weblog (8/11/04).

A boon for serious medievalists! Migne's Patrologia Latina is now accessible in a searchable e-edition. (7/22/04).

Links to academic sites updated (6/22/04).

For a limited time only: tour the world's most extensive virtual museum of ancient Egypt for FREE! Other Ancient Near East links restored (6/20/04). 

Broken East Asian links fixed (6/18/04).

New gateway to psychology websites added; other psychology of religion links re-analyzed (6/16/04).

Links to official websites of religious organizations updated (6/12/04).

Comparative religion links cleaned up (6/10/04).

Links to sociology & anthropology websites restored (6/8/04).

Need accurate data on some aspect of American religion? Data archive now available on-line.  Broken American studies links restored  (6/2/04). 

Digest of N. T. Wright's Jesus & the Victory of God now on-line (4/26/04).

The real facts about the Priory of Sion revealed! Check the historical documentation of the fictional secret society at the center of The Da Vinci Code for yourself (2/16/04). 

What is Opus Dei really like? For the scoop on the controversy surrounding the Roman Catholic movement featured in The Da Vinci Code, read founder's works for yourself & compare the evidence pro & con (2/15/04).

What are the odds of coded predictions of historical events in the Bible? Here are keys to tracing the debate over the Bible Code (2/14/04).    

Who inspired the radical dialectical theology of German Neo-Orthodoxy? Meet the Blumhardts (2/13/04).

First English translation of the Bible now on-line (2/12/04).

Long before Nietzsche proclaimed the Death of God & even before Tom Paine published his Age of Reason a radical French aristocrat issued this influential critique of theology & manifesto of Free Thought (2/10/04).

Links to Ancient Near East sites re-excavated (10/8/03).

Anthropology & sociology links researched (10/5/03).

Ethics links fine-tuned (10/3/03).

Illustrated History of United Methodism now on-line; other American religion links polished (9/21/03).

Academic links up-dated for the new school year (9/4/03).

Broken links to official websites of churches & other confessional agencies fixed (9/3/03).

Links to philosophy & theology resources checked & repaired (8/31/03).

Greco-Roman links refreshed (8/23/03).

Concerned about the ethics of international affairs? The Carnegie Council's research can clarify things. Other ethics links restored (8/6/03).

Evidence of reincarnation? Check out documentary In Another Life. Other psychology links updated (8/5/03).

Links to resources on the Psalms & Psalter added (7/25/03).

iTanakh's catalog of methods of biblical interpretation added. Other biblical studies links fixed (7/24/2003)

Main Gateway to Old Testament scholarship discovered.  Other Hebrew Bible links repaired (7/22/03).

American Muslims move to counter terrorism after 9/11. Other Islamic links updated (6/28/03).

Were Jesus' brother James' bones in this box? Follow scholarly dispute. Other art & archaeology links restored (6/19/03).

Halloween navigation nightmare over. Gremlins exorcised from code in links in page header. Sorry for the fright (11/1/02).

American Studies links refreshed (10/29/02).

Broken links to Hebrew Scripture & Ancient Near East websites fixed (10/28/02).

Dead Biblical Studies & Christian Scriptures links resurrected (10/27/02).

Academic and Anthropology & Sociology web pages updated (10/5/02). 

Broken Judaic Studies links repaired (9/15/02).

Christian Tradition links refreshed (9/14/02).

For detailed information about the history & variations in the biblical text check out the resources at Bible Research (1/21/02).

Art & Archaeology links touched up (11/29/01).

Anthropology & Sociology links repaired (11/28/01).

Jesus at 2000 papers at new URL. Removed old link that had inadvertently been misdirected to X-rated material (11/27/01).

Islam for Today - an important resource for anyone concerned about the relation of Islamic religious tradition to anti-Americanism, terrorism, & the plight of women under extreme fundamentalists (11/26/01).

Broken links to Ancient Near East resources repaired (11/25/01).

Links to Academic Sites updated (11/24/01).

Links to American Studies refreshed (11/23/01).

A premier portal for students of Early Christian Writings (9/26/01).

Want a good introductory text to compare the world's five major faiths? Check out Exploring Religions (9/9/01).

Don't travel before you check Al-Mashriq's illustrated guide to historic sites of the eastern Mediterranean (9/4/01).

Important new resources for Jewish studies are Jewish Virtual Library and the writings of Daniel Elazar & Sarah Foner; links to other Judaic web sites updated (8/27/01).

Major portal for Theravadan Buddhism added; other Buddhist links refreshed (8/9/01).

Full texts of seminal studies on the historical Jesus by Martin Dibelius, Norman Perrin & John Shelby Spong now on-line. Broken Christian studies links restored (8/3/01).

Understanding Islam cyber-forum added. Other Islamic Studies links refreshed (8/1/01).

Cult or new religion? CESNUR posts news & research on controversy surrounding suppression of minority groups (3/21/01).

For students of the NT: Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts returns after a long absence (3/14/01).

Links to resources in American religion checked & fixed (12/15/00). 

An excellent Shinto glossary is among a host of new links in East Asian Studies (12/8/00).

Detailed exposition of Islamic law now on-line; other Islamic links checked & repaired (12/7/00).

Essential information for comparing religious studies programs at any educational institution in North America is now available in the on-line version of the CSSR directory of departments and programs. Links to other academic sites updated (12/5/00).

Links to Hartford Institute's gateway to the Sociological Study of Religion (12/4/00). 

Need a psychology text? Check Classics in the History of Psychology before heading to the library; other psychology links added & old ones updated  (11/19/00).

Philosophical terminology easy to define with dictionaries by Baldwin  & Kemerling; other links to Philosophy & Theology websites repaired (11/18/00). 

Tour a Mithraeum. Other Greco-Roman & Comparative Religion links restored (11/12/00).

Gateway to life & works of Sholom Aleichem added; links to other Jewish Studies websites updated (11/10/00).

A new global initiative for religious peace & justice in the 21st century (10/10/00).

Link to new website with extensive collection of Japanese Buddhist texts of Nichiren Daishonin  & Soka Gakkai (8/10/00).

Official websites of the Dalai Lama & rival Karmapa lamas added; other Buddhism links repaired (8/5/00).

A site that has everything you ever wanted to know about the Phoenicians & then some; other ancient Near-eastern links added or updated (8/4/00).

Lavishly illustrated guide to ancient Indus Valley civilizations added; links to other Art & Archaeology websites up-dated (8/2/00).

Links to primary sources for study of American Religion in the 17th & 18th centuries multiplied thanks to the American Colonist's Library (7/25/00).

Articles from South African journal Missionalia on the encounter of Christian missions with indigenous cultures added; other sociology & anthropology of religion links updated (7/18/00). 

Jain websites added (6/18/00).

Free on-line course on the Dead Sea scrolls & the controversy surrounding them (5/7/00).

Definitive critical edition of Augustine's Confessions is now on-line (2/15/00).

Links to full on-line texts of  major works by influential 20th c. religious thinkers added to Christian & Jewish Tradition, American Studies and Philosophy & Theology pages (1/31/00).

Looking for a copy of a classic of 20th c. theology? You just might find it at Religion On-line (1/30/00).

Official website of leader of worldwide Sikhs (1/28/00).

New gateway to Italian resources & academic research in the field of religion (1/27/00). 

Get free assessment of latest books in biblical research from official professional cyber-journal (1/26/00).

Hindu, Islamic & Judaic Studies links checked & repaired (1/25/00).

Links to sites on Greco-Roman Studies, Ethics & Philosophy & Theology pages refreshed (1/24/00). 

Important new Tibetan Buddhist website added. Links to other Buddhist & East Asian Studies sites
refreshed. Comparative Religion page updated (1/21/00).

Links to sites on American Studies, Ancient Near East, Anthropology & Sociology of Religion & Religious
Art & Archaeology
pages checked & repaired (1/20/00).

Links to Christian scriptures reorganized & expanded (1/6/00).

For timely information on any religion-related issue, check Beliefnet (1/3/00).

Links to Academic Sites, Biblical Studies & Confessional Agencies refreshed for the millennium (1/2/00).

For authoritative resources on information about Samaria, visit Shomran (10/1/99).

Official information on Unification Church added (9/28/99).

E-edition of recent book on God & Science added. Other links in Philosophy & Theology and Psychology of Religion up-dated (9/6/99).

Hindu, Jewish & Islamic Studies pages polished (9/4/99).

Greco-Roman Studies up-dated (9/1/99).

China the Beautiful: exquisite cyber-site for all aspects of Chinese culture added; other East Asian links polished (8/31/99).

Christian Tradition & Comparative Religious Studies pages updated (8/30/99)

Biblical Studies, Hebrew & Christian Scriptures, and Buddhist Studies pages checked & refreshed (8/28/99).

Anthropology & Sociology, Ancient Near East, Archaeology & Religious Art pages cleaned up (8/27/99)

Broken links repaired on Academic Sites & American Studies web pages (8/26/99).

VRI redesigned with MS FrontPage 2000 to streamline appearance & facilitate maintenance (8/21-25/99).

More on-line resources for study of early esoteric gospels: Thomas, Philip, Truth & Secret Mark (8/9/99).

The Journal of Hebrew Scripture & the Gateless Passage to Chinese Buddhism have new addresses. Update your links (6/28/99).

Take a virtual tour in the footsteps of Paul (6/9/99).

Links to Christian scriptures websites refreshed (6/7/99).

Into His Own, an e-sourcebook for historical study of the gospels (5/6/99).

Expanded library of cyber-sites focused on the Dead Sea Scrolls (4/26/99).

Looking for a painting by a favorite artist? Check Carol Gerten's artist indices (4/4/99).

In time for Easter: a virtual tour of the historic church of the Holy Sepulchre (3/31/99).

Cyberspace's ArtMuseum.net opens with a definitive exhibit of Van Gogh's art & thought (3/30/99).

If you missed the PBS special, visit the website for Genesis, Faith & Reason or Mysteries of the Nile (3/29/99).

For a story of romance & religious conversion read about Joseph & Aseneth (3/19/99).

Scholarly debate over whether fragments found among the Dead Sea Scrolls are from the NT or the pseudepigraphic book of Enoch (3/18/99).

Want to set up a religion course? Find out what works from the AAR Syllabi Project (3/10/99).

Bluethread: a Reformed Jewish Forum focuses on the modern religious debate over Jewish identity (2/10/99).

Official website of the World Council of Churches now on-line. Other ecumenical and denominational links updated (2/4/99).

New photo exhibit of Chinese Buddhist art on-line. Alamkara exhibit of Hindu art relocated. Other art & archaeology links refreshed (1/14/99).

Hinduism links refreshed; research on Shankara's non-dualism & Gandhi's non-violence added (12/9/98).

Ethics links updated (12/7/98).

Links to resources for comparative religion restored (12/2/98).

Texts & interpretations of Marcion, the "heretic" who prompted the formation of Christian scripture & creed (11/30/98).

Library of Congress exhibit shows how religion shaped America (11/17/98).

Alan Godlas opens a gateway to the many paths of the Sufis (11/16/98).

Teach yourself to read Egyptian by deciphering Papyrus Westcar's tales of miracles in the age of the building of the great pyramids (11/14/98).

Researching Baha'i? Check the holdings of the largest Academic Library on the web (11/13/98).

Want membership statistics for any religious group? Check Adherents.com (11/13/98).

Listings in philosophy & theology updated & expanded (11/12/98).

Debating the role of politics or gender in religion? Check expanded listings (11/8/98).

For reviews of select sites read the Scout Report for the Social Sciences (11/5/98).

H-Bahai offers a hub for scholarly research on one of the youngest international religions (10/1/98).

Anyone interested in evidence for the origins & development of the Jewish synagogue can now access all important research on-line (9/22/98).

Want the latest on the Dead Sea Scrolls? Visit Hebrew University's Orion Center (9/18/98).

What's the value of the Gospel of Thomas for Jesus research? Search an archive of an international e-mail debate between scholars (9/2/98).

Interested in Islam? Musalman will aid your cyber-search (8/31/98).

Gateless Passage to Chinese Buddhism & a new Buddhist journal. Other Buddhist links restored (8/17/98).

Expanded East Asian links (8/17/98).

For students of eastern Christianity: links to homepages of churches of the Syriac tradition (7/20/98).

Academic Info, a new web-guide for quality research in religion & other fields (6/26/98).

Semeia, the avant-garde scholarly journal of biblical criticism, is now on line (6/24/98).

A scientific introduction to Spinoza's theo-logic (6/3/98).

Ancient Near East page excavated; lost websites located (4/29/98).

The renewed debate over the Shroud of Turin (4/28/98).

PBS surveys Christian origins From Jesus to Christ: the first Christians (4/12/98).

National Humanities Center's on-line guide to issues in development of American religion (4/10/98).

Can't find it here? Visit the Mother of all searchable Religion website directories: Aphids' Religion Resources on the Internet (3/27/98).

Islamic Studies links expanded, thanks to Alan Godlas' guide to websites (3/27/98).

Greco-Roman websites re-excavated (3/4/98).

Biblical Studies pages expanded & reorganized to enable faster location of desired links. New sections on electronic journals & e-mail conferences (2/24/98).

Official Sikh website added. Links to Baha'i site restored. New links to Moravians, Shakers & Santeria (11/20/97).

Parousia in cyberspace: 3 websites devoted to the quest of Jesus (Jesus at 2000, Real Jesus & Who was Jesus?) have reappeared, transformed in time for Advent. Resurrect your links (11/17/97).

Before researching that English paper consult W. S. Peterson's cyber-bibliography on British literature & religion (11/11/97).

For cyber-pilgrims: a virtual tour of the artistic & religious relics of earthquake-ravaged Assisi (11/9/97).

Britannica On-line rolls out the Rolls Royce of Internet Guides with a sizeable searchable section on Religion (11/7/97).

For Gospel researchers: more websites representing the range of current scholars hypotheses to resolve the Synoptic Problem (10/1/97).

East Asian & Islamic links repaired (9/23/97).

Paula Giese, weaver of the most intricate network of internet Resources on & for Native Americans has earned her eternal rest. Explore her wonderful handiwork before it begins to unravel. Other American Religion links updated (9/20/97).

Ancient Near Eastern websites re-excavated. Phoenician temple with e-archive of pagan myths & rituals unearthed. Links to other sites restored (9/14/97).

Mother Teresa's death gave life to dozens of websites. This is one of the more durable, detailing her life and views (9/10/97).

Launching new quest for lost historical Jesus websites. Historical Jesus Homepage & Jesus at 2000 have vanished without a trace. The cyber-servers where they were laid have been found empty! If seen, please contact. Other Christian Tradition links have been refreshed (8/19/97).

Sociology of Religion website with complete hypertexts of Max Weber's classics goes off-line at the end of August (8/9/97).

Philosophy & theology page updated. Existentialist & atheist links restored (8/6/97).

Comparative religion page revised. Search engine on the occult added & other links refreshed (8/1/97).

Religious agencies are on the move -- in cyberspace at least. Many official sites from Amish to Unitarian-Universalists have relocated to new addresses on different servers. Check updated links (7/29/97).

Buddhist links cleaned up. Some important sites, including the Dalai Lama, have new addresses, a new translation of the Diamond Sutra has appeared, while the Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment has vanished into the Void (7/2/97).

for scholars & skeptics: an English version of the International Q Project's critical edition of the prime source of Jesus sayings in the gospels of Matthew & Luke (5/22/97).

links to Judaic studies websites have been doubled in time for Pesach 5757 (4/20/97).

don't pass over the ancient treasures from Cairo's old synagogue genizah (4/8/97).

more gateways to on-line resources for archaeology & art (4/7/97).

the Vatican unveiled a remodeled website for Easter (3/30/97).

an expanded list of cult-related info on the WWW, prompted by the mass suicide (3/27/97) of "Heaven's Gate" followers of Marshall Applewhite.

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