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General Resources

The Hajj Information Center

Official website of the center for pilgrimages to Mecca includes an explanation & guide to the once-in-a-life journey, images of the black stone & shrine & links to related pages on the information.


Section from Paul Flesher's Exploring Religions covers Islamic cosmology, organization, religious life, worship, sacred literature, with a glossary, timeline & maps (U of Wyoming).

Islamic Architecture

Views of mosques & other Muslim structures from Samarkand to Seville (courtesy of Thais).

Islam for Today

Cyber-guide designed for westerners provides extensive hyper-linked resources on basic beliefs, Islamic history & civilizations, companions of Muhammed, women in Islam, & topics of current concern (attack on America, terrorism, extremism & fundamentalism, plight of women under the Taliban).

Islamic Gateway

Mostly non-partisan cyber-portal Islamic resources on the WWW offers quick access to sites concerned with basic beliefs (5 pillars), art, history & science, Muhammad, Qur'an, tradition, Sunnah & inter-faith relations.

Islamic Studies Resources

Alan Godlas' comprehensive guide to the Islamic world & gateway to related resources on the internet presents well-annotated pages on the Quran & Muhammad, standards of faith & practice, Sufism, the role of women & the extremist terrorism (U of Georgia).

Islamic Texts & Resources Meta Page (off-line 7/21/06)

Homepage of Muslim students at U of Buffalo (NY) has hyper-indices of Muslim scriptures & prophetic traditions, Islamic thought (including theology, law & mysticism) & Akram Safadi's select bibliography of Islamic scholarship. Many links obsolete. Needs up-dating.


Search engine designed to locate on-line info or interest to Muslims or anyone interested in Islam. Offers helpful lists of links to sites web resources for Muslim beliefs & practices, history, art, hadith, etc.

Talk Islam

Non-sectarian searchable library of internet resources includes links to electronic publications about the Islamic world & history, Muslim beliefs & practices, organizations & social issues, historic mosques & Islamic relations with other religions.

Understanding Islam

Moiz Amjad answers questions related to the sources of Islam, Muslim beliefs, ethics, politics, penal law, society, sects, & other issues on the basis of the Qur'an & sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Pakistan).

Welcome to Isfahan!

Iran tourism leads a guided photographic tour of mosques, minarets and other architectural sites in the 12th-19th religious center of Persia.


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