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Welfare & Environment

Center for Environmental Ethics

Pioneering center at U of North Texas provides a brief history of the field & publishes the journal of Environmental Ethics.

Economic Justice

Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating ethical issues raised by economic feudalism, free trade, the global market, poverty, profit, & Wall Street.


Network coordinates activitives of local groups & maintains a library of all environmental resources on the internet.

Ethics, Economics & Free Trade

John B. Cobb weighs the ethical pros & cons of globalization & free trade (posted by Religion-Online).

International Society for Environmental Ethics

ISEE maintains a bibliography of over 5000 books & articles related to ethics & environmental issues complete with an on-line search engine.

The Liturgy of Abundance: the Myth of Scarcity

1999 article in which Walter Brueggemann cites scripture to argue that sharing is the answer to poverty (posted by Religion-Online).

Moral Dilemmas in Economics & Ecology

John B. Cobb argues that a free market & global industrialization are better vehicles to achieve economic justice & ecological balance than state controls (posted by Religion-Online).


War & Peace

Bibliography on Theology & Peace

Searchable multilingual catalogue of almost 150,000 works relevant to peace ethics by a broad spectrum of religious & political leaders, theologians & activists.  Some titles listed only in German edition (posted by Hamburg based Institute for Theology & Peace).

Christian Pacifism

Jeramy Townsley posts relevant quotes from ancient & modern Christian sources.


Samuel Macy monitors the growing threat of the use of the internet for hate group activities & propaganda. 

International Military Ethics Symposium

Organization of U.S. & Canadian military officers & academics publishes online papers on ethical issues related to military & police activities.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Winner of 1985 Nobel Peace Prize, global non-partisan federation of medical professionals & organization posts information on initiatives to eliminate nuclear weapons, landmines & violence from small weapons.

Islam Denounces Terrorism

Turkish author Harun Yahya's contribution to the war on terrorism includes a free download of his book.


Archive of articles on traditional Muslim sources & historic directives regarding the Islamic concept of struggle (posted by Understanding Islam).

Pacem in Terris

1963 encyclical of Pope John XXIII on establishing universal peace with truth, justice, love & freedom (posted by the Vatican).

A Practical Christian Pacifism

1986 article by David A. Hoekema arguing the philosophical & practical advantages of pacifism over just war theory (posted by Religion-Online).

Reading Critiques of Violence as Radical Communication Ethics

Gerald J. Biesecker-Mast's address to the 1997 National Communication Association Annual Meeting analyzes the rhetorical impact of Rene Girard & Walter Wink on reforming social consciousness.


Religion-Online archives articles by scholars debating issues such as abuse of women, drug wars, guns, terrorism, & torture.

War and Peace 

Religion-Online archives articles by scholars debating issues such as cold war, just war theory, jihad, nuclear weapons, pacifism, suicide bombers, & terrorism.


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