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General Resources

Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Modern Western Theology

Growing archive of student essays from Wesley Wildman's graduate seminars contains well-researched entries on more than 100 authors.  While focused on individual thinkers from the 18th-20th c., it includes essays on modern movements, schools, & a few seminal figures of earlier periods (Boston U).


Richard W. Kropf's electronic journal of the sciences, philosophy & theology with a Teilhardian perspective. Recent issues focus on "Can Science Prove God?," "Evolution & the Problem of Evil," "Life After Death," "Universe: Open or Closed?," & "The Creator's Software: Physics & Information Theory."

Dictionary of Philosophy & Psychology

J. M. Baldwin's 1901 wordbook offers an extensive list of definitions of technical terminology & capsule identifications of major figures up to the beginning of the 20th c.  (hypertexted for quick reference by Classics in the History of Psychology).

Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet

Thomas Ryan Stone's deep cyber-catalog of academic websites provides efficient access to works of hundreds of philosophers living & dead as well as on-line scholarly papers & sites devoted to topics of philosophical importance.

Erratic Impact: Philosophy Research Base

Danne Polk's well-designed & extensively annotated searchable directory is a premiere research tool for locating quality on-line resources in any field related to philosophy (Villanova U). 

Facts Encyclopedia: Philosophy Resources

Bob Drudge's cyber-gateway includes several religion-oriented links in an alpha listing of philosophical websites. Some listings reviewed.

Faith Quest

Christopher Fogarty's meditative site for those navigating the desert of doubt samples the works of contemporary philosophers (including A. Plantinga & N. Rescher) & classic theologians (like Anselm, Karl Barth, & G. K. Chesterton). Audio files of lectures by Barth available for free download.

Fides Quaerens Internetum

Bryan Stone's Christian theology web page groups links by tradition, school, theologian, publisher, etc.

God & Science: the Death & Rebirth of Theism

Expanded electronic edition of Charles P. Henderson's 1985 book on the impact of science on modern theology surveys the theories of Marx, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, Tillich & Teilhard de Chardin.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

James Fieser edits a well-indexed collection of on-line surveys of the history & topics of philosophy (many religion-related) & posts e-texts of representative classics.

Island of Freedom

Jay Vincent's searchable gateway to great seminal minds of both West & East includes capsule introductions to major philosophers (from Plato to Wittgenstein) & theologians (from Tertullian to Rahner) with select links to related cyber-resources..

Kirche und Theologie im Web

Otto Ziegelmeier's searchable German website provides an extensive index of important electronic resources on theological disciplines, major theologians, ethical issues, & ecumenical dialog including many materials in English.

Online Papers in Philosophy

Brian Weatherson's searchable clearinghouse presents abstracts & links to thousands of current academic e-texts archived in blog format with a hyper-index of hundreds of authors alpha listed by first name (Rutgers U).

Philosophy Pages

Garth Kemerling's website is a prime example of the potential of electronic publishing. His well-integrated, top-quality projects include a Dictionary of Philosophical Terms & Names, an extensively hyper-linked History of Western Philosophy (work in progress), a timeline of western philosophers from 600 BCE to the present, an introduction to the elementary principles of logic, & essays on major philosophers including many who have influenced the development of theological and religious theory (Newberry College).

The Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series

Kelley L. Ross's cyber-journal champions the epistemological principles of Kant, Schopenhauer, & Jakob Fries & traces the influence of the neo-Friesian school on Rudolf Otto, Carl Jung, Mircea Eliade, & Karl Popper. Contents include extensive essays on the history of philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, value theory, ethics, & the philosophies of religion, history & science.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

New dynamic e-text with articles kept up to date by specialist teams of researchers. Extensive topics, only a fraction of which are now on-line.

Theology Today

Ecumenical journal posts abstracts of articles in current issue & archives full e-texts of all volumes from 1958-1994 [Princeton Theological Seminary]. 

The Window: Philosophy on the Internet

Searchable clearinghouse for philosophical websites offers capsule biographies of over 50 philosophers from Ambrose to Wittgenstein & from Diotima to Simone de Beauvoir (from Chris Marvin & Frank Sikernitsky).


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