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Societies for Study of Religion

American Academy of Religion

Membership & meeting information for AAR. Abstracts of recent volumes of Journal of AAR online; archive of back issues for subscribers only.

American Schools of Oriental Research

Information on archaeological digs, membership & centers of ASOR. Access to on-line editions of Bulletin of ASOR.

American Society of Church History

Offers an electronic newsletter, bulletin board, & abstracts of select articles from current & recent back issues of its print journal Church History.

Canadian Society for the Study of Religion

Posts links to web pages of Canadian societies of the academic study of religion.

Council of Societies for the Study of Religion (off-line 1/3/05)

Posts searchable index of contents of Religious Studies Review since vol. 16 (1990).

International Association for the History of Religions

International consortium posts information on its 5-year congresses & regional conferences of 30 national associations & selected abstracts from its print journal Science of Religion.

North American Association for the Study of Religion

New website of regional society to advance the academic study of religion posts the contents of volumes of its print journal Method & Theory in the Study of Religion.

Society of Biblical Literature

Membership, meeting & publication information for biblical scholars. Access to on-line editions of Review of Biblical Literature & Semeia for members only.

Electronic Research & Web Tools

AAR Syllabi Project

A wide range of creative course syllabi from some of the best teachers in the academic field of religion. Sponsored by the AAR Committee on Teaching and Learning.

Academic Info

Mike Madin's gateway to quality internet resources is the premier academic index & guide to electronic research in a wide range of fields from African Studies to World History. Useful for all scholars from freshmen to professors, especially for those doing research in religion.

Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts

Eric Morgan's searchable database of digital works in English literature & western philosophy. 

American Theological Library Association

Producers of ATLA Religion Database, the premier scholarly tool for research in religion (by subscription only).

Baha'i Library Online

The largest electronic collection of texts related to Baha'i on the internet includes resource tools, topical compilations, primary historical sources, books, articles, theses (maintained by Jonah Winters).

Bob Fowler's Publications

Hyperlinked bibliography accesses biblical scholar's essays on the Fate of the Notion of Canon in the Electronic Age & What Hypertext can Teach us about the Bible

Chorus: Exploring New Media in the Arts & Humanities

U Cal at Berkeley's cyber-journal for electronic instruction in the humanities reviews digital tools for bible analysis (Harry Hahne), composition (Maggie Sokolik), electronic research (John Norman) &  computer-assisted language learning (Jim Duber).

The Columbia Guide to On-Line Style

Guide for standard citation of a wide range of electronic materials -- from websites to e-mail -- in scholarly works (by Columbia U Press).

Early English Books On-line

Searchable e-archive of rare and hard to obtain books from the 16th-18th c., supported by consortium of university libraries. Includes texts on mysticism, philosophy, saints, theology & witchcraft by authors such as Bunyon, Hilton, Erasmus and More. Texts accessible on-line or for download. Registration required (U of Michigan).

English Literature & Religion

William S. Peterson's extensive cyber-index of print texts by & about literary figures who shaped English spirituality with a special section on the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Alphabetic author database lists library-card info & some reviews. Links to cyber-texts include works by Bede, Bunyan, Donne, T. S. Eliot, Fox, Hooker, Julian of Norwich, Law, C. S. Lewis, Milton, & Taylor.

Fonts in Cyberspace

Meta-catalog of fonts for electronic & print publication in any classic or modern language.

Italian Studies on Religions

Elegant academic e-catalog of Italian institutions, documents & scholarly research available on the internet including libraries & archives, bibliography of e-texts, journals, hagiography & organizations. Information in English. As attractive as it is useful (U of Udine).

Librarians' Internet Index

Publicly funded gateway to trustworthy online information includes well-categorized lists of websites on religion, ethics, philosophy & history

New Jour: Electronic Journals & Newsletters

Searchable archive of journals available via the internet.

Religion Journals

Topical index of select major religion journals (UCal at Santa Barbara).


For scholars & seekers William F. Fore maintains an impressive electronic reserve shelf of complete works by major 20th c. religious thinkers, including works by Altizer, Barth, Buber, Bultmann, Cobb, Ellul, Ferré, Kelsey, the Niebuhrs,  Rahner & Tillich.

The Religious Movements Home Page

Jeffrey K. Hadden's impressive cyber-hub for the comparative study of religious groups & social issues is a gateway to the Center on Religion & Democracy, Religious Freedom Library, Profiles of Religious Groups, Cult Controversies, & Religious Broadcasting (U of Virginia).

Ultimate Virtuality

The late David Lochhead's reflections on the impact of the electronic revolution on theological education.  (Institute on Religion & Technology).

World's Literature

Inventory of complete e-texts on the WWW searchable by country.

The World and I Online

Electronic edition of premiere cross-curriculum resource for educators posts an archive of issues since 1986, a collection of worldwide folk-tales, & a series essays on the Fathers of Faith (Moses, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus & Muhammad).


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