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General Resources

Center on Judaic Studies

State of the art interactive encyclopedia offers free online access to an impressive collection of multimedia exhibits of the treasures of Jewish culture & history including the Passover in historical perspective, 3D panoramas of Herod's temple, unrolling images of the Isaiah scroll from Qumran, fragments from the Cairo genizah, a virtual facsimile of the Aleppo codex, & a digital archive of historic Jewish films.

Dogmas of Judaism

Solomon Schechter's influential 1897 essay on the traditional sources of Jewish belief (Internet Sacred Text Archive).

Jewish Studies Network

H-Judaic, a moderated electronic scholarly forum, posts book reviews & provides searches for academic resources (on- & off-line) screened by H-Net, the Humanities & Social Sciences internet consortium hosted by Michigan State U.


Rosemarie Falanga & Cy Silver's "neutral space to study Torah, Mitzvot, and their meaning to Reform Jews" confronts disputes over Jewish identity & hosts discussion of the history & philosophy of Reform Judaism.

Daniel Elazar On-Line Library

Extensive selection of important papers by the late pioneer of Jewish political thought features seminal works on the idea of covenant, biblical studies, Jewish community, Israel-Diaspora relations, & religion in Israeli society [posted by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs].

Facts about Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' lavishly illustrated virtual encyclopedia offers hyper-texted highlights of Israelite/Jewish history, archaeology, the biblical period, the second temple, the lot of Jews under foreign domination, & the modern state of Israel, the formation of a religiously diverse Jewish society with ethnic minorities & religious freedom in a land with sacred shines of many faiths.

A Great Assemblage: Art Exhibit of Judaica

Yale University Libraries' sampler of artifacts related to Jewish history includes images related to Esther (a Babylonian prototype of the lots (purim) of Haman & a Byzantine synagogue mural from Dura Europos) & traditional ceremonial decor (marriage contracts & the crowning achievements).

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook

Paul Halsall's extensive list of links to electronic resources for historical research (Fordham U).

Jewish Interactive Studies 

Rabbi Moshe Zauderer offers free courses on biblical studies, holidays & ethics (from Jerusalem).

Jewish Internet Guide

Well-organized gateway to websites on topics of interest to Jews includes pages on the academic study of Judaism, anti-Semitism, Torah portions, Hebrew language, Jewish history, the holocaust, & mysticism.

Jewish Studies: A Guide to Internet Resources

Well-structured comprehensive catalog of websites relevant to academic study of Jewish  religion, history & culture includes links to museums, libraries & exhibits (U of Delaware).

Jewish Virtual Library

Electronic encyclopedia with lucid articles on Jewish history, biography, religion & politics; features a virtual Israel experience & graphic section on Judaic treasures in the Library of Congress (developed by the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise).


Virtual community of scholars researching Judaism in Greco-Roman world archives e-messages (sorted by author & subject), articles, bibliographies. One of the oldest on-line lists (hosted by U Penn).


Section from Paul Flesher's Exploring Religions covers Jewish cosmology, organization, religious life, worship, sacred literature, with a glossary, timeline & maps (U of Wyoming).

Judaism 101

Tracey Rich maintains a well-organized encyclopedia of basic information on Judaism in several formats. Includes pages on Jewish beliefs about G-d & human nature, movements within Judaism, attitudes toward non-Jews, the role of women, major sages, Hebrew words, divine names, Torah, halakhah, & the 613 commandments.

Judaism & Jewish Resources

Andrew Tannenbaum offers expert guidance to websites related to a host of topics, including Jewish learning, calendar, dietary laws (kashrut), & programs of Jewish studies.

Resources for the Study of Philo of Alexandria

Torrey Seland's comprehensive list of links to on-line materials related to the 1st c. CE Jewish Platonist, including his own essay on Philo's life and works.

The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit

Website of the extensive collection of historic materials from the genizah of Cairo's 1000 year old Ben Ezra synagogue at the library of Cambridge U. provides an illustrated introduction to the project, with clickable images of important documents (such as the "Zadokite" fragments, the Wisdom of ben Sira, notes from Yehuda ha Levi, letters signed by Moses Maimonides) as well as an e-newsletter and G.O.L.D. (the Genizah's on-line data base).


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