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General Resources

Classics in the History of Psychology

Christopher Green's web project offers e-versions of complete texts of classic books & articles in psychology indexed by author & topic.

Dictionary of Philosophy & Psychology

J. M. Baldwin's 1901 wordbook offers an extensive list of definitions of technical terminology & capsule identifications of major figures up to the beginning of the 20th c.  (hypertexted for quick reference by Classics in the History of Psychology).

Mead Project

Deep web archive of works by & about the American social psychologist George Herbert Mead and his intellectual heirs offers a hyperlinked bibliographical inventory of complete e-texts & a timetable of significant events in the development of psychology from 1840-1935. (Brock U).

MedWeb Community

Emory U's Health Sciences Library's searchable index sorts internet resources by topics such as psychology, psychiatry, mental health.

New York Psychological Institute & Society

Abraham Brill Library network offers links to WWW resources on Sigmund Freud, psychology & mental health, & the world's largest archives on psychoanalysis.

Thinking Allowed: Conversations on the Leading edge of Knowledge & Discovery

Homepage for public television series features catalog of video library & free sample transcripts of Jeffrey Mishlove's interviews with over 200 leading intellectuals.

Journal of Consciousness Studies: Controversies in the Sciences & Humanities

Multidisciplinary journal provides selected on-line articles, abstracts & e-mail debate relating classic theories of consciousness to new research & technologies.

Psychology of Religion Pages

Michael E. Nielson introduces the methodology & resources for research in the discipline. Sketches of notable theorists include Freud, Jung, Adler, Gordon Allport, Abraham Maslow & William James. Detailed cases of child abuse in a religious cult, cult deprogramming, & analysis of the Heaven's Gate tragedy.  

Psychology and Religion

Greek psychiatrist Nikitas Kafkios maintains an extensive  list of on-line resources relevant to psychotheraphy, integration & religion (with special attention to Greek Orthodox theology).  

Psychology World Wide Web Virtual Library

Besides a comprehensive set of links to professional sources & journals, Gene Thursby's well-constructed gateway provides annotated links to resources on the history of psychology, mental health, transpersonal psychology, & the psychology of religion.


Russell A. Dewey's award winning site provides full hypertext versions of 2 classics in the psychology of religion (William James Varieties of Religious Experience & Sigmund Freud Interpretation of Dreams) along with links to other religion-related web pages.

Pulier's Personal Psychiatry & Behavioral Healthcare Resources

Includes Myron Pulier's alpha index of links  to over 4700 mental health organizations (UMDMJ).

William James: The Principles of Psychology

1890 textbook posted by Classics in the History of Psychology (York U). 

William James: The Stream of Consciousness

Chapter 11 from James' Psychology (1892) posted by Classics in the History of Psychology (York U). 


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