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The Amish, the Mennonites & the Plain People

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center FAQ answers basic questions about old order Amish & provides forms to ask the Amish new questions that may be added to this electronic white paper.

Goshen College: Faculty Research and Publications

Indiana college posts papers on the history (L. Gross ), literature (E. Beck), & sociology  
(T. J. Meyers) of Amish and Mennonites.

Mennonite Connections on the WWW

Bradley Lehman's gateway to everything Mennonite (and Amish) in cyberspace includes links to an exposition of a Mennonite confession of faith, Mennonite history, colleges & seminaries.

National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom

New website of non-Amish scholars & clergy devoted to preserving religious freedom of those whose religion does not prepare them to mount a legal defense on their own behalf. Includes information on Amish origins & current court cases.



Anglican Communion

Official website of the global communion of Anglican chuirches lists archbishops of Canterbury from the 6th-21st c., posts recent Lambeth Conference reports & serves as a portal to other official Anglican web pages.

Anglicans Online!

This Canadian-based cyber-journal edited by Tod Maffin & Lyn Sibley provides a primer on Anglican tenets, up to the minute news on Anglicans worldwide & links to official websites of the Anglican Church in Canada & as well as Episcopal Church in U.S.

Archbishop of Canterbury

Official website posts biography, writings, & press releases of the 104th archbishop of Canterbury as well as the archives of his predecessor.

The Church of England

Official website offers an introduction to Anglican faith, worship, life, structure & role in society.

Episcopal Church USA 

Home page of the American branch of the Anglican communion posts resources related to its history, liturgy, spirituality, official organizations, & educational institutions.


The Bahai World

Multilingual official website of the international Baha'i community provides capsule introductions to Bahai doctrines & illustrated biographies of major leaders, including the Bab & Baha'u'llah.


Website devoted to scholarly discussion of the culture & history of the Baha'i faith, part of the Humanities & Social Sciences On-Line initiative, offers an electronic Resource Guide, a digital publications series, & a moderated discussion of issues related to Baha'i (for subscribers).


American Baptist Churches Mission Center On-Line

The official homepage of the ABC provides news & official definitions of Baptist principles, policy statements & resolutions.

Baptist Links

Mike Maness' comprehensive directory of Baptist websites offers links to most major Baptist conventions including those of Mainstream Baptists who dissented from the 'Faith & Message' statement adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention.


Official website of largest Protestant denomination in the world posts the controversial declaration on Baptist Faith and Message adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 2000 & more information about the structure & positions of the denomination.


The Government of Tibet in Exile

Official website of the exiled Buddhist government of TIbet posts extensive information on the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama, the history & tenets of Tibetan Buddhism, audio of files of Tibetan ceremonial songs, & information on traditional Tibetan medicine & astrology.

Jodo Shu

Website of headquarters of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan provides illustrated information on its 12th c. founder, Honen, a brief history his movement, & an introduction to its teachings & devotional practice.

Christian Science

Christian Science Monitor

Electronic edition of major newspaper, offering perspective on international events "to injure no man but to bless all mankind." Includes FAQ sheet on the paper's history & purpose & daily articles on Christian Science.

Church of Christ, Scientist

First Church of CS, Boston provides a biographical sketch & overview of the teaching of founder, Mary Baker Eddy, & information on the church's organization.


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