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Sunni & Shi'a

Al-Fiqh al-Akbar

Barbara van Schlegell posts translation of jurist Abu Hanifa's classic (8th c. CE) statement of Sunni beliefs (UPa).

Foundations of Islamic Belief

Revised translation of chapter from 12th c. CE masterpiece of Sunni philosopher-theologian al-Ghazali's discusses the principles of Sunni faith.

Sermons, Letters & Sayings of Ali ibn Talib

Collected works of the first Shi'ite Imam.

Shia Islam

Electronic introduction to the history & thought of Shi'a by noted authority M. H. Tabatabai.

Sunni & Shi'a Issues

Links to websites distinguishing the principles of the dominant movements in Islam & detailing debate between them (posted by TalkIslam).



International Association of Sufism

California based forum founded by Seyedeh Nahid Angha to foster dialog among Sufis & spread knowledge of its principles & values posts informative articles on Sufism & supports the Institute for Sufi Studies.

List of Sufi-Related Resources

Steve Habib Rose catalogs all websites with anything link to Sufi tradition.

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

N. Tsolek provides a brief biographical sketch & small collection of the ecstatic poetry of the 13th c. Anatolian mystic & links to all related websites.

Nimatullahi Sufi Order

14th century order puts on-line Javad Nurbakhsh's 1963 speech "What is Sufism?"

Sufi Traditions

Zos Imos' overview of the history, tenets & practices of the Sufi orders (posted by The Gnostic Archive).

Sufism, an Inquiry

Quarterly journal maintains archives of on-line articles relating to the principles, practice, history, psychology, art & literature of Sufism as well a the relation of Sufi philosophy to science [published by International Association of Sufism].

Sufism's Many Paths

Alan Godlas' hypertext essay on sufism, notable sufis, sufi orders & their shaykhs provides the most detailed, up-to-date introduction to the Sufi way on the internet. Recommended as a gateway for serious academic research.

Uwaiysi Tarighat

Website devoted to the way of legendary Yemeni sufi master maintains archive of articles.


Modern Movements

Abusing the Word 'Islam'

USC Muslim Students highlight tenets of modern movements such as the Nation of Islam & Ahmadiyya that differ from traditional Islam.

Afghanistan Under the Taliban

Companion website to 2001 CNN special provides links to background reports, including Saira Shah's photo essay, Beneath the Veil, on the treatment of women under Taliban rule.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community 

Official international website of controversial Pakistani reform movement presents a biography of its founder (Hadhrat Ahmad), a brief history, on-line library & replies to Ahmadiyyat opponents. 

Analysis Wahhabism

Interviews with Muslims & scholars about the history & teaching of the reactionary movement founded by the 18th c. Arabian,  Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Najdi (posted by PBS Frontline).

Islam Denounces Anti-Semitism

Turkish author Harun Yahya's articles against ethnic hatred & racism.

Islam Denounces Terrorism

Turkish author Harun Yahya's contribution to the war on terrorism includes a free download of his book.

Muslims Against Terrorism

 American Muslim organization founded in the wake of the events of 9/11/01 to counter violence with education.

Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks

Catalog of links to Muslim webpages rejecting terrorist tactics.

Nation of Islam

Articles assessing the history & direction of Louis Farrakhan's controversial black Muslim movement after the 1995 Million Man March on Washington (posted byThe Thinker).

Who Are the Taliban?

Laura Hayes surveys the political history, cultural roots, & religious agenda of the reactionary militant movement that controlled Afghanistan from 1996-2002. Includes a detailed time-line of major events from 1979-2004 & background information on movement's founder & ties to Saudi Arabia's conservative Wahabis (posted by InfoPlease)


White paper on the history & principles of the ultra-conservative Saudi reform movement (posted by Global Security).

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