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Muhammad - the Prophet

About the Prophet Muhammad

USC Muslim Student Association's on-line collection of traditional biographical materials & modern assessments of the founder of Islam.

Description of the Prophet Mohammad

Extensive excerpt from The Message of Mohammad by Athar Hussein.

Islamic World: Prophet Muhammad

List of links to descriptions of the founder of Islam & the role of the prophet ranging from traditional piety to modern biography (posted by TalkIslam).

The Prophet of Islam - His Biography

Muhammad Hamidullah provides a modern biography of the founder of Islam for the electronic age.

Questions regarding the Life of the Prophet Mohammed

Moiz Amjad responds to questions about the personality, background & family life of the founder of Islam (posted by Understanding Islam).


  The Quran (Koran)

The Holy Qur'an

Abdullah Yusuf Ali's English translation (1938 edition) with embedded graphic images of original Arabic (posted by Internet Sacred Text Archive).

The Koran

The U of Virginia's searchable SGML edition of M. H. Shakir's translation.

The Meaning of the Glorious Quran

Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall's English translation (posted by Internet Sacred Text Archive).

Quran Recitations

Extensive links to audio resources for the reading of the Quran (posted by TalkIslam).

Translations of the Quran

Linear synopsis of the Yusuf Ali, Pickthal & Shakir translations with topical index, on-line search & chapter introductions by Syed Abu-Ala' Maududi (posted by USC Muslim Student Association).


Hadith (Oral Tradition)

A Selective Bibliography of Hadith Studies

Extensive index of scholarly literature on oral traditions.

An-Nawawi's Forty Hadith

English translation of a favorite collection since the 13th c. CE.

Introduction to the Science of Hadith

Suhaib Hassan's guide to the classification of traditions about Muhammad.

Islamic World: Hadiths

Extensive list of links to on-line resources for hadith research (posted by TalkIslam).

Muwatta of Malik al-Asbahi

Partial translation of early collection of aphorisms & anecdotes from Medina (2nd c. AH).

Sahih Bukhari

Premier collection of oral traditions about Muhammad (3rd c. AH).

Sahih Muslim

Partial translation of collection by disciple of al-Bukhari (mid-3rd c. AH).

The Sayings of the Prophet

Hassan Suhrawardy's useful topically arranged collection of hadith.

The Science of Hadith

Summary of the criteria used to categorize hadith (from Perspectives).

Sunan abu-Dawd

Translation of part of a collection of legal hadith (late 3rd c. AH).


Shari'ah (Law)

Bahishti Zewar (Heavenly Ornaments)

English translation of 14th c. legal scholar Moulana Ashraf Ali Thani's classic with glossary of technical terms [posted by Council of Muslim Theologians (South Africa)].

Shari'ah and Fiqh

Definitions & overview of Islamic law & jurisprudence.

Shari'a, Tariah & Haqiqa

Seyedeh Sahar Kianfar surveys Islamic law in relation to Sufi philosophy (posted by Sufism, an Inquiry).


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