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About the Buddhism of Nichiren

In addition to the major writings & oral teachings of Nichiren, Will Kallandar's collection of resources includes a glossary of Buddhist terms, Burton Watson's translation of the Lotus Sutra.

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism

Craig Bratcher posts major writings of Nichiren Daishonin and other material on the history & practice of his followers.

Soka Gakkai International

SGI official website posts an introduction to the history & practice of the modern movement inspired by the 13th c. Japanese Buddhist reformer, as well as an e-library with Burton Watson's translation of the Lotus Sutra, the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, his orally transmitted teachings and a dictionary of Buddhism.


Shin (Pure Land)

Collected Works of Shinran

English translation of Shinran's True Teaching, commentaries, shorter works, letters, hymns & related works by other authors.

Pure Land Buddhism

Jerome Ducor maintains gateway to all Pure Land resources on the internet (WWW Virtual Library).


Vajrayana (Tibetan)

The Dalai Lama

Official website of  the 14th Dalai Lama posts his biography & brief biographies of his predecessors, his Nobel prize lecture, and other addresses of Tenzin Gyatso.

Dalai Lama

Perry Smith posts excerpts from Tenzin Gyatso's books Book of Transformation, Meaning of Life, Buddha Heart, & Stages of Meditation.

Kadampa Buddhism

Website of the New Kadampa Tradition provides brief introductions to Atisha (the 11th c. Indian master who reformed Tibetan Buddhism) & Je Tsongkhapa (the 14th c. Tibetan master of the first Dalai Lama) along with the former's parting advice & a translation of the latter's masterpiece 'The Three Principle Aspects of the Path."

Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

North American website of Ogyen Trinley Dorje (the 17th Karmapa recognized by the Chinese & the Dalai Lama) posts an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism with lineage & teachings of previous black hat lamas.

Karmapa: The Black Hat Lama of Tibet

British website of Thaye Dorje (the 17th Karmapa recognized by Shamar Rinpoche) gives an illustrated history of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhist leaders & details about the political struggles behind the current contested succession.

A Short Guide to Tibetan Buddhism

Jack Churchward's lavishly illustrated site demystifies the history & doctrines of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tantric Buddhism & the Thunderbolt Vehicle

Historical perspective on development of radical interpretation of Mahayana philosophy & practice (page from Richard Hooker's Anthology of World Cultures).

Tibetan Studies

Matthew Ciolek's extensive links to websites about Tibet includes pages relevant to art, religion, & cultural centers (WWW Virtual Library).


Zen (Ch'an)

The Book of Tea

Kakuzo Okakura explains the origins and significant of the Tea Ceremony [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

The Critical Essentials of Cultivating Dhyana Meditation

Instructions in Ch'an Buddhism by Ming dynasty master Han-shan De-ching. From the Record of Dream Wanderings by Fu Shan.

The Electronic Bodhidharma

Urs App's Kyoto-based International Research Institute posts a data-base of Chinese Zen masters, 10 Oxherding pictures & seminal projects for establishing an electronic Zen knowledge base.

Hui Neng - Patriarch of Zen Buddhism

Biographical sketch & sample wisdom of the founder of the Chinese Sudden Awaking school of meditation  by Eloise Hart.

Koan Study Pages (WWW Virtual Library)

T. Matthew Ciolek catalogs an extensive list of definitions, secondary literature, & known koan collections. Those published on-line include: Wu-Men Kuan, Pi-yen-lu, & Ts'ung-jung lu.

Manual of Zen Buddhism

Internet Sacred Text Archive posts complete text of Daisetz Suzuki's 1935 masterwork, including Shubun's ten oxherding pictures (15th c.).

Soto School Scriptures for Daily Services and Practice

Text of sutras & dharanis regularly chanted by Soto Zen monks (posted by Sotozen-net).

Sutra of Hui-Neng, the Sixth Patriarch

English translation of the Platform Sutra by the founder of the dominant southern school of Chinese Ch'an Buddhism.

The Ten Bulls

Pictures & poems by 12th c. Chinese Ch'an master Kakuan.

Zen Buddhism

Brief introduction to basics of Zen from Richard Hooker's Anthology of World Cultures.

Zen in Daily Life

Ofer Cohen posts chapters from Masunaga Reiho's book The Soto Approach to Zen & other works on Dogen Zenji & the philosophy of zazen.


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