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North American Movements

Mormons in Transition: Resources for Investigating Mormon Scripture & History

Website providing critiques of Church of Latter Day Saints' foundational claims, including the Book of Abraham, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, & LDS doctrine. (Sponsored by the independent Institute for Religious Research. Official interpretations of Mormon history & doctrine are accessible thru the Mormon websites listed under Confessional Agencies).

Restoration Movement

Hans Rollman's cyber-library of historic texts & pictures of the leaders on the 19th c. American movement to restore & unite Christianity. Primary works of Barton Stone, the Campells (Thomas & Alexander) & 50+ others who formed the Disciples of Christ & Churches of Christ.

Shaker Manuscripts On-Line

Electronic hub for hard-to-find Shaker writings including the 1816 Testimonies of founder, Mother Ann Lee, a Compendium of Shaker history, rules & doctrines, & a systematic defense of the movement's egalitarian Message.

Two Hundred Years of United Methodism: An Illustrated History

Electronic edition of John G. McEllhenney's 1984 book with 128 images from the Archives of UMC (posted by Drew U).


  Latin American Movements

In the Power of the Spirit

17 historians, theologians and sociologists of religion from Latin America analyze the challenge the  Pentecostal movement poses to traditional churches in the region (full text of 1996 study posted by Religion-Online).


Cyber-center for the African-Caribbean religion known as La Santerķa answers FAQs about animal sacrifice & trance possession. Catalog of the orishas (emissaries of God) & traditional legends, a basic lexicon, & analysis of the differences between ancient Yoruba religion & its Cuban offspring.


19th Century

Divining America: the 19th century

Teacher Serve's curriculum guides to religious issues with focus on Revivalism, Evangelicalism, Civil War, Afro-Americans, Roman Catholics & immigration, Jewish experience & Mormonism (archived by National Humanities Center).

Religion & the New Republic

Page from the Library of Congress exhibit on the role of religion in shaping America contrasts the age of reason & religious enthusiasm till the eve of the civil war.


20th Century

Churches Ad Hoc: a Divine Comedy

Herman Krieger's whimsical photo tour of shrines & houses of worship proves that worship & wit can coexist in modern America.

Divining America: the 20th century

Teacher Serve's curriculum guides to religious issues with focus on Liberalism & faith crisis, Fundamentalism, modern Catholicism, Marcus Garvey, anti-Semitism and Jewish assimilation, the Scopes trial, the Christian Right, & Islam.

Our Secularized Civilization

Reinhold Niebuhr's 1926 analysis of the challenges facing American religion in the 20th c. (posted by Religion-Online).

The Secular City - Ten Years Later

A decade after his 1965 bombshell best-seller, Harvey Cox reaffirms his argument that a truly Christian theology supports urban involvement (posted by Religion-Online).


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