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Early Church

The Apostolic Preaching and its Developments

Full text of C. H. Dodd's 1964 collected essays on the evolution of the primitive Christian kerygma & the historical analysis of Christian scripture (posted by Religion-Online).


On-line version of William Barry's Catholic Encyclopedia article on the 4th c. doctrinal controversy.

Augustine of Hippo

James J. O'Donnell provides an introduction to the life & works of the north African bishop & an archive of key texts (many in the original Latin as well as English translation) along with scholarly introductions & commentaries. Works include the Confessions, On Christian Doctrine, On Dialectic, & the Sermon on the Mount, as well as an e-edition of O'Donnell's own 1992 Commentary on the Confessions.

Center for Marcionite Research

Site devoted to study of Marcion of Sinope, the 2nd c. dualistic reformer whose radical interpretation of Paul polarized churches from Asia Minor to Rome & sparked the development of the NT. On-line library includes important assessments by modern scholars & ancient polemicists as well as reconstructions of Marcion's gospel, letters of Paul & theological antitheses.

Christian Catacombs of Rome

Italian commercial site provides images & historical commentary on the several tomb complexes in which early Christians found refuge.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Project hosted by Calvin College will put all 38 volumes of the Ante-Nicene, Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers on-line. English translations of all orthodox Christian theologians from Clement of Rome through 800 CE Zipped for downloading.

The Church in the Roman Empire before A.D. 170

Full text of the fifth (1897) edition of William M. Ramsay's study of primitive Christianity.

The Confessions of Augustine

Electronic version of J. J. O'Donnell's 1992 Oxford U. Press critical edition has complete Latin text with commentary (posted by the Stoa Consortium).

Early Christian Writings

Chronological portal to the study of Christian literature from 30-250 CE. Citations from major critical scholars with links to texts, on-line books & related resources for each work make Peter Kirby's site an excellent place to start research on any Christian writing from the gospel's passion narrative through Origen.

The Ecole Initiative

Hypertext encyclopedia of early Christian history offers well-researched articles on the Arian controversy, Christian-Jewish Relations, Docetism, Edessa, Mithraism, Monarchianism, Pharisees, Pontius Pilate, Sadducees, Stoicism, Ambrose & Jerome with a glossary on.hundreds more topics. Copyrighted by Anthony Beavers, with articles copyrighted by contributors. A stimulating example of what serious cyber-scholarship & publishing can be.

Egeria & the Fourth Century Liturgy of Jerusalem

Michael Fraser provides Latin & English versions of the diary of a western pilgrim that documents the annual cycle of Christian liturgical celebrations in the churches of Constantine.

Fathers of the Church Page

The Wesley Center of NW Nazarene U's non-canonical homepage accesses complete works of apostolic fathers (Didache, Clement of Rome, Barnabas, Mathetas, Polycarp & Ignatius) & Justin Martyr. Selected works of Irenaeus, Tertullian, Athanasius, Basil, Jerome, Chrysostom, Augustine & Theodore of Studium. Links to most other sites of texts relevant to early Christianity.

Fathers of the Church

Another e- edition of the preceding works published by New Advent Catholic Website.

The First Christians

PBS Frontline surveys leading scholars' views of the social development of the early Jesus movement.

Guide to Early Church Documents

John Brubaker & Gary Bogart maintain an up-to-date annotated index of hypertext editions of Christian theological sources from the NT thru the 2nd Council of Constantinople (533 CE) & a few later works.

The Hall of Church History  

Phil Johnson's archive of Christian theology includes a catalog of creeds & catechisms (from the NT to Chalcedon & beyond) & writings of theologians from the apostolic fathers to Augustine.

Medieval Sourcebook: Imperial Reactions to Christianity

Paul Halsall provides the correspondence between Pliny & Trajan (111 CE), descriptions of Diocletian's edicts (303 CE) to eradicate Christianity & the subsequent edicts of toleration published by Galerius (311 CE) & Constantine (313 CE), along with accounts of famous martyrs.


Peter Kirby's gateway to electronic resources on the most influential 3rd c. Greek theologian including the first Christian systematic theology (De Principiis) & his refutation of the characterization of Christianity by a 2nd c. pagan philosopher (Contra Celsum).

Orthodoxy & Heresy in Earliest Christianity

Robert Kraft edits on-line ET of Walter Bauer's seminal 1934 thesis that heterodoxy preceded orthodoxy in the first three centuries of the church. Appendix on Jewish Christianity by Georg Strecker.

Why Did Christianity Succeed?

PBS Frontline surveys leading scholars' views of the factors that transformed a persecuted Jewish sect into the religion of the Roman empire.


Eastern Christianity

Eastern Catholic Liturgical Music

Graphic-rich site offers midi performances & lyrics of music of eastern rite churches in communion with Rome. Includes hymns & liturgies of Armenian, Byzantine, Chaldaean, Melkite, Maronite, Ukrainian & other uniate churches.

The Gregory of Nyssa Home Page (off-line 2/28/2008)

David Salomon presents hypertext editions of Casimir McCambley's translations of & commentaries on the Cappodocian theologian's works. Included among many homilies, eulogies, letters are Gregory's Hexaemeron (On the Six Days of Creation), Commentary on Ecclesiastes, Against Apollinarius, On Perfection & Life of Gregory the Wonderworker .

Medieval Sourcebook: The Iconoclasm Controversy

Paul Halsall posts extracts from John of Damascus, the iconoclastic council of Constantinople (754) & the 2nd council of Nicea (787).

The St. Pachomius Library

Voluminous e-archive of uncopyrighted Orthodox Christian texts features a global index to all major collections of patristic texts on the internet.


Medieval Latin Christianity


Full text of James J. O'Donnell's 1976 study of the 5th c. Christian scholar who promoted the classic Latin heritage in the Gothic world of early medieval monasticism.

The Crusades (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)

Paul Halsall collects papal appeals & crusaders' accounts.

Dominican Tradition

Catalog of  web resources on the Order of Preachers from Dominic to modern times includes many links to complete books & scholarly articles on-line.

Exploring Ancient Cultures: Medieval Europe

The medieval chapter of Bill Hemminger's elegant on-line anthology provides, texts, maps, chronology, essay & exam on European Christianity from 500-1300 c.e. Readings include scholastic proofs for the existence of God (Anselm & Aquinas) & debate of ethical issues (war, cheating, lust, etc.)

The Franciscan Archive

Gateway to all websites on Franciscan history, documents, literature, liturgy & saints.

The Franciscan Experience

Elegant illustrated cyber-textbook with detailed information onof Francis & Clare of Assisi & the history of the Franciscan movement (Franciscan Cyberspot).

The Franciscans

Jim McIntosh presents brief histories of Francis & Clare of Assisi, their respective orders (the Friars Minor, the Poor Clares) & spin-offs (Capuchins & Conventuals).

St. Francis of Assisi

New Advent puts Paschal Robinson's CE article on the thirteenth c. reformer on line.

St. Francis of Assisi

Janice Amaral's beautifully designed multi-lingual presentation of the life, prayers, rule, canticle, testament, & other writings of Francis, with related historical documents (e.g., The Little Flowers & canonization) & images.

The Gregorian Chant Home Page

Peter Jeffery explains the historical development of chant in Christianity & posts textual, audio & cyber-resources for research on Gregorian chant & medieval Christianity (Princeton University).

A Guide to 13th century Theologians

Gary Macy's comprehensive catalog of secular, Dominican & Franciscan masters offers medievalists a capsule sketch of each figure, a list of surviving works & recent bibliography. Site still in the initial stages of construction is currently limited to off-line resources.

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook  

Paul Halsall's mega-archive & directory offers links to both assignment-sized extracts & complete documents organized by period & culture.

The Labyrinth

Martin Irvine & Deborah Everhart's website coordinates a broad-range of on-line resources for the study of medieval culture, including bookshelves of Latin philosophical & theological texts & church history.

Medieval Sourcebook: Monasticism

Paul Halsall's collection includes monastic rules (Augustine, Benedict, Columba) & other texts from influential Latin monks (including Gregory I, Bede, Boniface).

Netserf: the Internet Connection for Medieval Resources

Beau Harbin's catalog of over 1000 websites relevant to medieval studies includes a page devoted to religion.

ORB: On-Line Reference Book For Medieval Studies

Cooperative scholarly project to establish a common textbook source for medieval studies on the WWW. The ORB Encyclopedia provides access to original essays on medieval topics posted on various websites. A library of on-line textbooks accesses to major websites designed by medievalists. A reference shelf alphabetically arranged by author facilitates location of primary sources posted anywhere on the internet.

Order of St. Benedict: Rule

Primary Latin monastic rule (translated into English, Spanish & Hungarian) with historical preface by Jerome Theisen & an extensive bibliographical index.

Ordo Fratrum Minorem Conventualium

Official website of conventual Franciscan posts biographies of Francis & Clare and brief accounts of their orders.

Regesta Imperii

Classic history of the deeds of the Holy Roman Emperors from the early Carolingians to the early 16th c. (in German).   

St. Benedict & His Order

Historical sketch of Benedict & Benedictine spirituality with profiles of Gregory the Great & Augustine of Canterbury who spread the Benedictine rule. (Posted by the Monastery of Christ in the Desert).

Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas

1947 English Dominican translation of the 13th c. master's massive compendium of theological questions. Primary source of later RC Thomistic theology (posted by Christian Classics Ethereal Library).

Summa Theologica

1920 ET of Thomas' masterpiece (posted by New Advent).

Summa Theologica

Original Latin text of Aquinas' work. Only the first of three parts currently on line (posted by The Latin Library).

William of Ockham, Dialogus

Cyber-edition of Latin text & English translation of 14th c. defense of radical Franciscans in their dispute with Pope John XXII. Influential pre-Reformation critique of the papacy (Fine example of use of internet for current critical scholarship, from John Kilcullen & John Scott).


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