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Life & Death Issues

Abortion Reconsidered

Robert W. Kropf reviews the philosophical presuppositions of traditional arguments opposing & supporting abortion & problems that need to be taken into account in reaching a new global solution.

Albert Schweitzer

Select quotes on ethics from the theologian-physician who pioneered the philosophy of reverence for life.

American Life League

Website of Catholic Christians devoted to the sacredness of life.


On-line project of American Journal of Bioethics archives resources for researchers on life/death issues including bio-terrorism, cloning, genetics, stem-cell research, HIV/AIDS, medicine & health care, & end-of-life

On Combating Abortion & Euthanasia

Text of 1991 letter of Pope John Paul II to RC bishops (posted by New Advent).

Death and Dying

Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating issues such the meaning of death, euthanasia, suicide & views of an after-life.

The Death Penalty

Amnesty International provides documentation from around the globe to support its argument that the death penalty legitimatizes torture the poor & powerless by those in control of the state.

Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide

Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance's fact sheet presents an objective survey of the issues, statistics & resources for the current debate.

Evangelium Vitae

 1995 papal encyclical from John Paul II on the value & inviolability of human life (posted by the Vatican).


Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating issues such as bioethics, cloning, & genetic engineering.

Human Life International

Website of global organization founded by pro-life priest Paul Marx, OSB.

National Right to Life

Homepage of American activist movement provides information on abortion & related issues.


Sex & Gender Issues

Brothels, Baths & Babes: Prostitution in the Byzantine Holy Land

Claudine Dauphin analyzes the sociological & legal differences of prostitutes (male and female) in the eastern & western sectors of the Christian Roman empire [from Classics Ireland, 1996].

Casti Connubii

1930 encyclical of Pope Pius XI on chastity within marriage.

David & Solomon: Sexual Abuse & the Clergy

Julia Bolton Holloway's sensitive meditation on the painful experience of sexual abuse by people in positions of religious power lifts the shroud of silence from a social problem that has endured from ancient Israel to contemporary culture.

Divorce Archive

Mike Maness' gateway to extensive on-line resources related to all aspects of divorce.

The Future of Sexuality: Human Relationships in the 21st Century

Robert T. Francoeur surveys developments challenging traditional social morality in the second axial age (DiaLogos).

Homosexuality & Bisexuality

Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance's award-winning essays present detailed analysis of biblical, historical & a broad range of contemporary Christian sources related to debate on same sex relations.

Homosexuality & the Church

1977 article by James B. Nelson in Christianity & Crisis examines biblical references to homosexuality &  the history of rejecting-punitive treatment of homosexuals & argues that a consistent Christian love ethic compels churches to defend gay rights (posted by Religion-Online)..

Homosexuality & Religion

Hartford Institute for Research on Religion's gateway to on-line resources regarding same sex liaisons.

Humanae Vitae

1968 encyclical of Pope Paul VI on birth control (posted by the Vatican).

People with a History

Paul Halsall's on-line guide provides an extensive catalog of links to Lesbian, gay & bisexual references in world literature including religious writings throughout history.

Reuniting Sexuality & Spirituality

James B. Nelson argues that God embraces the whole person, not just disembodied spirits (posted by Religion-Online).

Roman Catholic Sexual Ethics: A Dissenting View

Charles E. Curran analyzes the reasons for the reluctance of church authorities to admit fallibility in traditional positions on human sexuality (posted by Religion-Online).


Religion-Online archives scholarly articles debating issues such as birth control, homophobia, masculine aggression, reproductive technology, sex & politics, the sexual revolution, & sexual taboos.

Women's Human Rights

Amnesty International's report from its on-going campaign to alert the world to the plight of women in most of the world's societies.


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