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Bible Review

Contents of current & back issues (Biblical Archaeology Society).

Biblica On-Line Edition

Article summaries of issues the journal of the Pontifical Biblical Institute since vol. 71 (1990) & e- versions of select articles since vol. 79 (1998).

Biblical Archaeology Review

Contents of current & back issues (Biblical Archaeology Society).

Biblical Interpretation

Website of journal for contemporary scriptural interpretation posts cyber-editions of recent issues (Brill).

BSW Journal

Fledgling e-journal to facilitate the response of biblical scholars to studies in exegetical journals (published by Theomedia, Rome).

Filologia Neotestamentaria

Website of international journal for philology of NT Greek posts full editions of volumes since 1998.

Jerusalem Perspective On-Line

Cyber-journal of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research, a consortium of Jewish & Christian scholars devoted to exploring the Jewish background of the life & words of Jesus. Features articles by Israeli & American scholars & an interactive forum.

Journal of Biblical Literature

Full electronic text of editions since 2000 accessible to members of Society of Biblical Literature or from most university libraries for faculty & students.

Journal of Biblical Studies

Cyber-journal offers free access to complete editions from 2001.

Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity & Judaism

New cyber-journal for research on Jewish & Christian sources in the ancient Greco-Roman world (Sheffield Academic Press).

The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

Electronic journal devoted to the critical study of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), edited by Ehud ben Zvi at University of Alberta (issues in electronic archives of the National Library of Canada).

Journal of Higher Criticism

On-line articles from journal devoted to the historical critical method & innovative interpretations of scripture & early Christianity published by the Institute for Higher Critical Studies (Drew U).

Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament

Cyber-journal devoted to the publication of research by speech & literary theorists related to socio-rhetorical analysis of early Christian texts (U of Redlands).

Review of Biblical Literature

Society of Biblical Literature's searchable cyber-archive (1996 - present) of reviews of scholarly publications related to biblical studies offers free weekly e-mail notification of new entries. 

Semeia: An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism

SBL journal that fostered the use of new critical methods for analyzing scripture. Free access to full e-editions of vols. 19 & 60-72 (Religion and Technology Center).

TC - A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism

Scholarly on-line journal devoted to problems in analyzing manuscripts of Jewish & Christian scriptures & related non-canonical works.

Email Conferences


Home page of international scholars' critical issues discussion group.


E-mail list for scholarly study of biblical (koine) Greek, features searchable archives of postings since 1992.

Corpus Paulinum

Moderated e-list for research on the life & letters of Paul.


Archives of defunct open forum of e-mail debate between scholars, clergy & laypersons generated by Jesus at 2000, the 1996 cyber-conference on the quest of the historical Jesus.

CrossTalk 2 [XTalk]

Moderated scholarly successor to Crosstalk continues debate regarding the historical Jesus & Christian origins (with searchable archives).


Moderated scholarly discussion of the Gospel of Thomas.

Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

Moderated discussion for scholars doing research on evidence for the Hebraic origin of the canonical gospel.


U of Pennsylvania hosts virtual community of scholars engaged in on-line discussion of Judaism in the Greco-Roman world; with archived correspondence & links to related articles & the e-journal IOUDAIOS Review at Lehigh U.

Johannine Literature

Moderated academic discussion of the Fourth Gospel & its relationship to other NT literature with searchable archives.

Kata Markon

Moderated discussion list for academic research on the Gospel of Mark.

Revelation Mailing List

Moderated forum for scholarly discussion of the Apocalypse of John & related literature.


Moderated discussion of ancient rhetoric & issues related to the rhetorical analysis of  scripture.


E-mail conference for critical scholarship on the relationship of the gospels of Matthew, Mark & Luke. Easily accessed searchable archives.


Scholars Press hosts un-moderated cyber-discussion of any matters related to biblical textual criticism, broadly defined. Loosely associated with TC - A Journal of Textual Criticism.

Social World of Bible

Aspects of the Mediterranean Social World

Links to on-line atlases, archeological sites & other web sources for the study of classical Greco-Roman culture, including Asia Minor, Palestine & the wider Mediterranean world. Sites especially relevant for NT background.

Biblical Archaeology Society

Homepage of the publishers of Biblical Archaeological Review, Bible Review, & Archaeology Odyssey which feature articles on discoveries & debates on the ancient eastern Mediterranean world, many on-line.

Exploring Ancient Cultures

An elegant example of an electronic text-book, Bill Hemminger's cyber-anthology offers texts, maps, chronologies, bibliographies, essays & exams covering 8 ancient cultures including the Semites, Egyptians, Greeks, & Romans.

Footsteps of Paul

Thomas Price and Allan Brockway conduct a well-illustrated virtual tour of Greece & Turkey that puts Paul's journeys in a broader historical framework.

Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus

Topical sourcebook with hundreds of excerpts from non-canonical texts relevant to NT interpretation, with graphic aids to identify important figures, places, & literary works from Josephus, Dead Sea Scrolls, rabbinic tradition, Philo, etc. (Mahlon H. Smith).

The Jewish Roman World of Jesus

James Tabor's illustrated e-sourcebook of texts & essays that put the gospels into historical context. Sections on Hellenistic religion & philosophy, archaeology & the Dead Sea scrolls, ancient Judaism & Christian origins & the NT.

Land of the Bible Photo Archive

Selections from high-quality slide collection of sites, people, lifestyle & artifacts by Israeli photographer Zev Radovan.

[For other resources see indices of Ancient Near East, Art & Archaeology, & Greco-Roman Religion].


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