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Muhammad - the Prophet

Biography of Prophet Mohammad

Chapter from Ancient Man and His First Civilizations by A. Zahoor & Z. Haq.

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

Background pages for 2002 PBS film include a timeline of Muhammad's life (requires Flash player) & his relationship to women, other religions, Jews, jihad, & the Quran as well as links to scholarly websites with accurate historical information.

Post-Axial Thought: Muhammad and the Origins of Islam

Illustrated biography puts the founder of Islam in historical context [The Human Journey].


  The Quran (Koran)

The Holy Qur'an

Abdullah Yusuf Ali's English translation (1938 edition) with embedded graphic images of original Arabic (posted by Internet Sacred Text Archive).

The Koran

Searchable SGML edition of M. H. Shakir's 1983 translation (archived by U Michigan).

The Meaning of the Glorious Quran

Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall's 1938 English translation (posted by Internet Sacred Text Archive).

Quran Recitations Online

Arabic audio files of experts reciting sections of the Quran or chanting Anasheed (Islamic Song). Free for online use or download (archived by Assabile).

Hadith (Oral Tradition)

Al-Nawawi's Forty Hadith

English translation of a favorite collection since the 13th c. CE.

Introduction to the Science of Hadith

Suhaib Hassan's guide to the classification of traditions about Muhammad.

Muwatta of Malik al-Asbahi

Translation of early collection of aphorisms & anecdotes from Medina (2nd c. AH).

Sahih al-Bukhari

Premier collection of oral traditions about Muhammad (3rd c. AH).

Sahih Muslim

Translation of collection by disciple of al-Bukhari (mid-3rd c. AH).

The Sayings of the Prophet

Hassan Suhrawardy's useful topically arranged collection of hadith.

Sunan abi-Dawud

Translation of part of a collection of legal hadith (late 3rd c. AH).


Shari'a (Law)

Bahishti Zewar (Heavenly Ornaments)

English translation of 14th c. legal scholar Moulana Ashraf Ali Thani's classic [Internet Archive].

Shari'a, Fiqh and Islamic Law Explained

Selections from traditional authorities defining principles of Islamic law & jurisprudence.

Shari'a, Tariqa & Haqiqa

Seyedeh Sahar Kianfar surveys Islamic law in relation to Sufi philosophy (posted by Sufism, an Inquiry).


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