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Taoist Sources

Chad Hansen's Chinese Philosophy Pages: Daoist Oriented Interpretations

Hong Kong U. scholar's research on Daoist philosophy includes linguistic analysis of key concepts, translation of Chuang Tzu and articles on Mohism & Legalism.

Dao de Jing

Charles Muller's translation of the Tao te Ching.

Daoism Depot

Po-han Lin's hub of the wandering Taoist web ring holds the largest e-archive of versions of Taoist scriptures (including streaming audio), illustrations of Taoist calligraphy, & a forum for Taoist discussion.

On Response & Retribution

T. Suzuki & P. Carus' 1906 translation of the Taoist ethical aphorisms of T'ai-Shang Kan-Ying P'ien & appended fables [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

Taoism & the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan

Detailed introductions to Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, the development of Taoism, its religious practices, deities, neo-Taoism & its relation to Tai Chi (Christopher Majka).

Tao te Ching

Rick Harbaugh presents the Taoist classic in Chinese characters (no special font required) with linked English translation & lexical notes to aid readers in deciphering characters. A great tool for anyone learning Chinese (Yale U).

The Texts of Taoism

Vols. 39 & 40 of Sacred Books of the East present James Legge's 1891 translation of the Tao te Ching, Chuang Tzu & other Taoist texts [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

Tract of the Quiet Way

T. Suzuki & P. Carus' 1906 translation of the Yin Chih Wen [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

Japan - General

Aino Folk-Tales

B. H. Chamberlain's 1888 collection of the legends, fables & myths of the primitive hunter-gatherers indigenous to Hokkaido [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

Contemporary Papers on Japanese Religion

Index to collections of essays on matsuri, kami (deities), new religions & folk beliefs in Japan published by the Institute for Japanese Culture & Classics.

Institute for Japanese Culture & Classics

Research center focused mainly on religion & folklore publishes the electronic newsletter Religion in Modern Asia & other on-line publications (Kakaguin University).

Japan, an Attempt at Interpretation

Complete e-version of  Lafcadio Hearn's 1904 discussion of Shinto's relation to Buddhism & Christianity [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

Japanese Journal of Religious Studies

Nanzan Institute publishes scholarly articles on topics ranging from folk religion & Tendai Buddhism to religion & contemporary society.  On-line issues from 1974+.


Basic Terms of Shinto

Award-winning searchable e-glossary published by the Institute for Japanese Culture & Classics.

Encyclopedia of Shinto

Searchable e-archive with entries on history, shrines, deities, rites, institutions, beliefs & practices & the role of the emperor [posted by Kokugakuin U].

The Kojiki

Plain vanilla e-edition of B. H. Chamberlain's 1882 translation of Shinto myths & legends [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

The Nihongi

Excerpts from W. G. Ashton's 1896 translation of the 8th c. collection of Shinto legends tracing the descent of Japan's rulers from the gods [Internet Sacred Text Archive].

The Yengishiki

Incantations from Shinto rituals of fire, wind, harvest, travel & purification [Internet Sacred Text Archive].


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