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Tribal Cultures


Cyber-site for native New Zealand tribes posts Maori legends.

Traditional Maori Proverbs

1997 paper by Paul Moon notes absence of mythic personification in Maori folk sayings.


Shamanism & Exorcism

From Demoniacal Possession to Insanity

Chapter 15 in A. D. White's Warfare of Science with Theology (1896) compares the religious concept & treatment of "lunacy" with the development of modern approaches to mental disorder.

Dissociative States: Possession and Exorcism

Psychologist Barry L. Beyerstein argues that the experience of spirit possession is the product of non-conscious mental processes (PDF article from The Encyclopedia of the Paranormal).

Exorcism: Learn the Facts

FAQs posted by as American priest in Trinidad provides a Roman Catholic perspective on possession and the ritual of exorcism.

Exorcism in the Orthodox Church

Official explanation of traditional Eastern Christian rituals to ward off evil spirits & the evil eye (posted by Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America).

An Exorcism in Zambia

Award winning essay by Peace Corps volunteer Guy W. Volk provides eye-witness description of native ritual to free a woman tormented by spirits of the dead.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Website of anthropologist Michael Harner's institute to preserve & research shamanism posts articles on spirits & healing.

The Incantor

Estonian researcher Aado Lintrop's studies in Siberian shamanism & the religions of the Finno-Ugrian peoples builds a cyber-bridge between the visible & invisible worlds of Nganasan rites & initiatory visions.

Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder: All Sides of the Debate

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance present a thorough review & extensive bibliography for the phenomena identified either as a psychological disorder or demon possession, reasons for skepticism & methods of treatment (therapy & exorcism).


Psychedelic FAQs & audio-visual resources on the hallucinogens, religious rituals & ecstatic experience of shamans from Siberia to the Americas (ancient & modern). 


Hyperlinked index to classic anthropological studies of the theories & practices of ancient indigenous cultures (Internet Sacred Text Archive).

Shamanism: General Overview

Dean Edwards' plain vanilla FAQ sheet provides definitions & detailed bibliographical leads for researchers.



Magic Bibliographies & Resources (off-line 1/16/05)

John Gabriel Bodard shares his extensive list of publications on magic (some on-line), with a special focus on ancient Greece & the Near East.

Magic in the Greco-Roman Period

Scott Noegel's exhaustive bibliography of Jewish magic in the classical world (U of Washington).

Magic in the Greco-Roman World

Chapter from Jeremiah Genest's Secretum Secretorum traces references to magic in classical literature from Homer thru Augustine.

The Purple Book of Magic

Historically documented neo-pagan cyber-text on the presuppositions & practices of every phase of ancient near eastern magic (except astrology) includes excellent chapters on the power of sound & words & the importance of purity & purification.

Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity

U of Michigan Library's curator Gideon Bohak presents a guided tour of an exhibit of Greco-Roman magical artifacts including recipe books, amulets, Babylonian demon bowls & cursing/binding tablets.



Are the Gospels Mythical?

René Girard contrasts the gospel stories of Jesus execution to mimetic myths of sacrificial victims (First Things, Dec 1996).

Bodies for the Gods: the Practice of Human Sacrifice

Mike Parker-Pearson surveys instances of taking/giving a human life for a "greater cause" from prehistoric to modern times (BBC History).

Child Sacrifice

M'hamed Fatar and Lawrence Stager & Joseph Greene debate the claim that child sacrifice was practiced in Punic Carthage & other Phoenician sites.

Human Sacrifice in Myths and Legends

D. L. Ashliman's collection of excerpts from folklore features accounts from Germany & Scandanavia.  

The Rig Veda

PRF Brown posts three Vedic hymns including the mythic slaughter the primal being.

John Calvin: Institutes of Christian Religion 4.18

16th c. Protestant reformer's argument against the interpretation of the Christian Eucharist as a sacrifice distinguishes the Lord's Supper from the sacrifices of the Mosaic Torah & eucharist from propitiation.

The Mystery of Faith Regarding the August Sacrament & Sacrifice of the Body & Blood of Christ

Complete cyber-text of 1919 treatise by Maurice de la Taille, S. J. supporting theses that the Mass is a real propitiatory sacrifice ordained by God. 

Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica

13th c. Dominican's dialectical treatment of religious issues includes the following questions: Is sacrifice natural or necessary? Was Christ's passion a sacrifice? Posted by New Advent.


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