Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke

5. The Lamp 
Mark 4:21-25 // Luke 8:16-18
Matt 5:15 // Luke 11:33
Matt 10:26-7 // Luke 12:2-3

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The  LAMP  &  the SECRET 
  Matt 13   Mark 4 Luke 8
   21  And he said to them,    
       16  "No one after lighting
    "Is <the> lamp brought in   a lamp
    to be put under <the> bushel,   covers it with a vessel,
    or under <the> bed,   or puts it <underneath> a bed,
    [and] not <put> on <the> stand?   but puts it on a stand,
        that those who enter
        may see the light.
  22 For [there] is no thing <hidden> 17 For nothing is <hidden>
    except to be [made] manifest;   that shall not be made manifest,
    nor <made> secret,   nor [anything] secret
        that shall not be known
    except to come to light.   and come to light."
  23 If <anyone> has ears to hear,    
    let him hear."    

Compare: Mark 4:21 // Luke 8:16 (above) with 

Matthew 5   Mark  Luke 11
 14  "You are the light of the world.      
  A city set on a hill cannot be hid.      
15 Nor do [men] <kindle> a lamp    33  "No one after lighting a lamp
  and put it      puts [it] in a cellar,
  under <the> bushel     or under <the> bushel,
  but on <the> stand     but on <the> stand,
        that those who enter
  and it <shines>     may see the <illumination>."
  to all in the house."      

Compare: Mark 4:22 // Luke 8:17 (above) with 

Matthew 10 Mark Luke 12
 26  "So have no fear of them;      
  for nothing is covered     2   Nothing is covered up
  that will not be <uncovered>,     that will not be <uncovered>,
  <and> hidden     or hidden
  that will not be made known.     that will not be made known.
       3 Therefore,
27 What I tell you     whatever you <utter>
  in the dark     in the dark
  utter in the light;     shall be heard in the light,
  and what you hear whispered,     and what you whispered
        in private rooms
  proclaim upon the housetops."     shall be proclaimed upon the housetops".

Color Code
 Red  Four texts use same wording.
 Blue  Three texts use same wording.
 Teal  Two texts use same wording.
 Purple   Two texts worded the same in one gospel.
 Black  Words unique to a particular text.
 <the>  Word not in RSV or revised to reflect Greek.
 [it]  Word in RSV but not Greek text.
   No parallel passage in this gospel.

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