Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke

8. Mustard & Leaven
Matt 13:31-35 // Mark 4:30-34 // Luke 13:18-20

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Matthew 13 Mark 4 Luke 13
    30  And he said,  18  He said therefore,
      "<How shall> we compare*    "What is
      the kingdom of God,   the kingdom of God
          like? *
31 Another parable   or what parable   And to what
  he put before them,   shall we use for it?   shall I compare it? *
  "The kingdom of heaven    
  is like *  31  As 19 It is like
  a grain of mustard seed   a grain of mustard seed,   a grain of mustard seed
  which a man took   which,   which a man took
  [and] sowed   when <it is> sown   [and] <tossed>
  in his field;   upon the <earth>,   in his <own> garden;
32  it is the smallest   is the smallest    
  of all seeds,   of all the seeds    
      <upon the> earth;    
  but when 32 yet when it is sown    
  it has grown   <it rises up>   and it grew
  it is   and becomes    
  the greatest of shrubs   the greatest of all shrubs,    
  and becomes a tree,     ** and became a tree,
      and puts forth    
      large branches,    
  so that   so that    
  the birds of the air come   the birds of the air   and the birds of the air
  and make nests   can make nests   made nests
  in its branches."   in its shade."   in its branches."
Matthew 13 Mark 4 Luke 13
33 He told them     20 And again he said,
  another parable.        
          "To what shall I compare
  "The kingdom of heaven       the kingdom of God?
  is like leaven    


It is like leaven
  which a woman took       which a woman took
  and hid       and hid
  in three measures       in three measures
  of flour,       of flour,
  till it was all leavened."       till it was all leavened."
Matthew 13 Mark 4 Luke 13
    33 With many such parables*    
34 All this Jesus <spoke>   he spoke the word    
  to the crowds   to them,    
  in parables;*   as they were able    
  indeed    to hear it;    
  <he did not speak 34 he did not speak    
  to them   to them    
  without a parable.   without a parable,    
      but privately    
      to his own disciples    
      he explained everything.    
35 This was to fulfill        
  what was spoken        
  by the prophet:        
  "I will open my mouth        
  in parables,        
  I will utter        
  what has been hidden        
  since the foundation        
  of the world."        

** Note: The RSV follows codices Sinaiticus & Vaticanus & p75. Most later mss. of Luke qualify the tree as "large", an adjective found in Mark 4:32 but not Matt 13:32.

Color Key
 Blue  Three gospels use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two gospels use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular gospel.
 <and  RSV wording revised to reflect Greek.
 [ it ]  RSV wording not found in Greek.
   No parallel passage in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.

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