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  Greek synopsis  


    DEMONS  and  SWINE 
 41  Matt 8 120 Mark 5 120 Luke 8
28 <And> when he came 1 <And> they came 26 <And> they arrived
  to the other side,   to the other side of the sea,    
  to the country   to the country   at the country
  of the Gadarenes,   of the Gerasenes.   of the Gerasenes,
          which is opposite Galilee.
    2 And when he <came> out 27 <Now> as he <came> out
      <from> the boat,   on land,
  two demoniacs met him,   there met him   there met [him]
  coming out of the tombs,   out of the tombs    
  so fierce        
  that no one could pass        
  that way.        
      a <person>   a man from the city
      with an unclean spirit,   who had demons;
          for a long time
          he had worn no clothes,
          and he lived not in a house
    3 who lived among the tombs;   but among the tombs.
      and no one could bind him    
      any more,    
      even with a chain;    
    4 for he had often been bound    
      with fetters and chains,*   [see Luke 8:29 below]
      but the chains    
      he wrenched apart,    
      and the fetters    
      he <shattered>;    
      and no one had the strength    
      to subdue him.    
    5 Night and day    
      among the tombs    
      and on the mountains    
      he was always crying out,    
      and bruising himself    
      with stones.    
    6 And when he saw Jesus 28 When he saw Jesus,
      from afar,    
      he ran   he cried out
      and worshiped him;   and fell down before him,


And behold,        
  they cried out, 7 and crying out   and said
      with a loud voice,   with a loud voice,
      he <says>,    
  "What have you to do   "What have you to do   "What have you to do
  with us,   with me,   with me,
      Jesus,   Jesus,
  O Son of God?   Son of the Most High God?   Son of the Most High God?
      I adjure you by God,   I beseech you,
  Have you come here        
  to torment us   do not torment me."   do not torment me."
  before the time?"        
    8 For he <was saying> to him, 29 For he had commanded
      "Come out of the man,*   the unclean spirit*
      you unclean spirit!"*   to come out of the man.*
          (For many a time
          it had seized him;
          he was kept under guard,
      [see Mark 5:4 above]   and bound
          with chains and fetters,*
          but he broke the bonds
          and was driven
          by the demon
          into the desert.)
    9 And Jesus asked him, 30 Jesus then asked him,
      "What is your name?"   "What is your name?"
      He replied,   And he said,
      "My name is Legion;   "Legion";
      for we are many."   for many demons 
          had entered him.
    10 And he begged him eagerly 31 And they begged him
      not to send them    not to command them
      out of the country.   to depart into the abyss.
30 Now a herd 11 Now a great herd 32 Now a large herd
  of many swine   of swine   of swine
  was feeding   was feeding there   was feeding there
  at some distance   on the hillside;   on the hillside;
  from them.        
31 And the demons begged him, 12 and they begged him,   and they begged him
  "If you cast us out,        
  send us away   "Send us    
  into the herd of swine."   to the swine,    
      let us enter them."   to let them enter these.
32 And he said to them,        
  So 13 So he gave them leave.   So he gave them leave.
  they   And the unclean spirits 33 Then the demons
  came out   came out,   came out of the man
  and went into the swine;   and entered the swine;   and entered the swine,
  and behold, the whole herd   and the herd, numbering   and the herd
      about two thousand,    
  rushed   rushed   rushed
  down the steep bank   down the steep bank   down the steep bank
  into the sea,   into the sea,   into the lake
  and perished   and were drowned     and were drowned.
  in the waters.   in the sea.    
33 The herdsmen 14 <And> the herdsmen 34 When the herdsmen saw 
          what had happened,
  fled,   fled,   they fled,
  and going into the city   and told* it in the city   and told* it in the city
  they told* <all the things>        
  <about> the demoniacs.        
      and in the country.   and in the country.
34 And behold, all the city   And [people] 35 Then [people]
  came out   came to see   went out to see
      what* it was   what
      that had happened.*   had happened,*
  to meet Jesus; 15 And they came to Jesus,   and they came to Jesus,
  and when they saw him,   and saw the demoniac   and found the man
          from whom
          the demons had gone,
      sitting there,   sitting at the feet of Jesus,
      clothed   clothed
      and in his right mind,   and in his right mind;
      the man    
      who had had the legion;    
      and they were afraid.   and they were afraid.
    16 And those who had seen it 36 And those who had seen it
      told   told them how he
      what had happened   who had been possessed
      to the demoniac   with demons was healed.
      and to the swine.    
    17 And they began 37 Then all the people
          of the surrounding country
          of the Gerasenes
  they begged him   to beg Jesus   asked him
  to leave   to depart   to depart
  their neighborhood.   from their neighborhood.   from them;
          for they were seized
          with great fear;
    18 And as he was getting   so he got
      into the boat,   into the boat
          and returned.
      the man 38 The man
      who had been possessed   from whom
      with demons   the demons had gone
      begged him   begged
      that he might be with him.   that he might be with him;
    19 But he refused,   but he sent him away,
      and said to him,   saying,
      "Go home to your friends, 39 "Return to your home,
      and tell them how much   and declare how much
      the Lord has done for you,   God has done for you."
      and how he has had mercy    
      on you."    
    20 And he went away 40 And he went away,
      and began to proclaim   proclaiming
      in the Decapolis   throughout the whole city
      how much Jesus had done   how much Jesus had done
      for him;   for him.
      and all men marveled.    

Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel element in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
<and> RSV wording altered to reflect Greek
[him] RSV word not in the Greek
 41   Sequence in synoptic outlines
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