Will he not
                                                   also with him
                                               give us all things?
                                                 -- Romans 8:32 

Fear the future?  Why?
When he who comes
    is laden down with gifts?
Stranger?  He is that,
But so was yesterday
    before he came.
Why claim the Unknown is unkind
    until he stands unveiled?
Escape from proven enemies
     is assured for us,
because the Yet-unproved
     breaks in upon our play,
inviting us to start
     another game.
Look!  What happiness
     we have in change!
Hell is infinite routine!
How tedious to think
     things will always be the same!
Hope is born because 
    the present isn't permanent.
Tomorrow brings the prospect
    of a new perspective.
You, my future friend,
    what is it that
    you have in mind?
Tell me:
    What's your name?

                                                                      -- Mahlon H. Smith

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* Note: This reflection on Romans 8 is from an entry
in the author's journal
dated 9 June 1966
and published here for the first time.

Collected Poems
Mahlon H Smith

copyright 2005
all rights reserved