Without being born
                                                   of water and spirit
                                                 no one can enter...
                                                               --  John 3:5

A world too cold,
intent on turning water sent
to wash away its wrath
into a spiteful shell of ice
requires some burning breath
of fire to melt its mind's
crystalline encasement, so 
refreshment might still reach
its heart.  Not once, but twice
must grace be given
to drive out death.

You cried, you bled;
but now I need some cause
to laugh.  Come, just for fun---
if you desire a smile
to part locked lips---blow 
a kiss across their path
and settle back to watch
the blush be born and spread
until, warmed by sun
and stirred by spirit,
the youth is bold enough
to show his green.

Whether one 
will quit his cozy couch
or cower in dreams depends
so much on temperature 
without.  Given sleep,
morning light makes
loss of peace a threat---
unless your tender touch,
awakening me, reminds
me of a future love 
to live in.

                                                                   -- Mahlon H. Smith 

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* Note: This reflection on John 3 
is a revised edition of an entry 
in the author's journal
dated 18 October 1966
and is published here for the first time. 

Collected Poems
Mahlon H Smith

copyright 2005
all rights reserved