Here at the edge
of what I do not
                     dare not
                             cannot know,
I am as earthy porcelain
under the potter's touch:
conceived for this conception,
framed of dust unworthy
of this end, but fired
within his love.  I wonder 
why he claimed me as the cup
to bear this blood.
                                 I received
no reason for my role.
I just was told this much:
the impossible can be,
despite my self-perception. 
I do not care to comprehend
but only offer up
my thanks.  It's good enough
to know that I am known.

--- Mahlon H. Smith


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* Author's note: This reflection on Luke 1:26-56
was first published as a Christmas card
  (December 1964).

Silkscreen by author: The Vessel.

Collected Poems
Mahlon H Smith

copyright 2005
all rights reserved