...the life was the light
-- John 1:4

When I want a word with you
to let you know how much I care,
you're lost in weeding from your mind
concepts you find foreign there.

You take and turn the seed I've tossed
suspect in your hands, to make
sure it goes with what you've got
already laid so carefully in rows.

And since it seems bred of wild
strains that justify rejection,
you exclude it from your dreams
with the child who brought affection.

You won't believe unless you find
me somewhere in your books defined.
Had you looked up, you'd have heard
my flesh interpreting the word.

--- Mahlon H. Smith


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* Author's note: This reflection on the prologue to the gospel of John
was first published as a Christmas card
  (December 1965)..

Author's sketch: The Word

Collected Poems
Mahlon H Smith

copyright 2005