Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  

Matt 26   Mark 14  Luke     John 2
59 Now the chief priests 55 Now the chief priests      
  and the whole council   and the whole council      
  sought false testimony   sought testimony      
  against Jesus   against Jesus      
  that they might put him to death,   to put him to death;      
60 but they found none,   but they found none.      
  though many false witnesses 56 For many bore false witness      
      against him,      
  came forward.   and their witness did not agree.      
  At last two came forward 57 And some stood up      
      and bore false witness       
      against him,      
61 and said, "   saying,        
  "This fellow said, 58 "We heard him say,   19 Jesus answered them,
** `I am able to destroy ** `I will destroy   ** "Destroy
  the temple of God,   this temple      this temple,
      that is made with hands,      
  and to build it   and in three days     and in three days
  in three days.'   I will build another,     I will raise it up."
      not made with hands.'"      
    59 Yet not even so      
      did their testimony agree.      
62 And the high priest stood up 60 And the high priest stood up      
      in the midst,       
  and said,   and asked Jesus,      
  "Have you no answer to make?   "Have you no answer to make?      
  What is it that   What is it that      
  these men testify against you?"   these men testify against you?"      


**Note: The sayings that Matthew & Mark present as "false testimony" against Jesus are variants of something that John claims Jesus said when he purged the temple precincts.


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