Hyper-Synopsis     Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke 

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  Greek synopsis  


359 Matt 27 359 Mark 15 350 Luke 23
        10 The chief priests
          and the scribes stood by,
          vehemently accusing him.
        11 And Herod
27 Then the soldiers 16 And the soldiers   with his soldiers
  of the governor        
  took Jesus   led him away    
  into   inside the palace    
  the praetorium,   (that is, the praetorium);    
  and they gathered   and they called together    
  the whole battalion     the whole battalion.    
  before him.        
          treated him with contempt
28 And they stripped him       and mocked him;
  and put 17 And they clothed him   then, arraying him
  a scarlet robe upon him,   in a purple cloak,   in gorgeous apparel,
29 and plaiting a crown of thorns   and plaiting a crown of thorns    
  they put it on his head,   they put it on him.    
  and put a reed in his right hand.        
  And kneeling 18 And they began    
  before him   to salute him,    
  they mocked him, saying,        
  "Hail, King of the Jews!"   "Hail, King of the Jews!"    
30 And they spat upon him,        
  and took the reed        
  and struck him on the head. 19 And they struck his head    
      with a reed,    
      and spat upon him,    
      and they knelt down    
      in homage to him.    
31 And 20 And    
  when they had mocked him,   when they had mocked him,    
  they stripped him   they stripped him    
  of the robe,   of the purple cloak,    
  and put his own clothes on him,   and put his own clothes on him.    
  and led him away   And they led him out   he sent him
  to crucify him.   to crucify him.   back to Pilate.


Color Code
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black   Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel element in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
350  Sequence in synoptic outlines
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