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  Greek synopsis  


 12    VOICE  in the  WILDERNESS
Matt 3  Mark 1 Luke 3 John 1
1  In those days      1  In the fifteenth year    
          of the reign    
          of Tiberius Caesar,    
          Pontius Pilate    
          being governor of Judea,    
          and Herod    
          being tetrarch of Galilee,    
          and his brother Philip    
          tetrarch of the region    
          of Ituraea and Trachonitis,    
          and Lysanias    
          tetrarch of Abilene,    
         2  in the high-priesthood    
          of Annas and Caiaphas,    
          the word of God came    
  John the Baptist,    [see Mark 1:4 below]   to John*    
          the son of Zechariah    
  preaching *            
  in the wilderness*       in the wilderness;*    
  of Judea,            
2  "Repent,            
  for the kingdom            
  of heaven            
  is at hand."            
        and he went    
          into all the region    
          about the Jordan,    
       [see Mark 1:4 below]   preaching*  19 And this is 
          a baptism of repentance*   the testimony of John,
          for the forgiveness of sins.*   when the Jews sent 
3 For this is he           priests and Levites 
              from Jerusalem
  who was spoken of   2  As it is written  4  As it is written   to ask him,
  by   in   in the book of the words   "Who are you?"
  the prophet Isaiah*   Isaiah the prophet,*   of Isaiah the prophet,*    
  when he <says>,         23 He said,
      "Behold, I send        
      my messenger        
      before thy face,        
      who shall prepare        
      thy way;        
  "The voice of one   the voice of one   "The voice of one   "I am the voice of one
  crying in the wilderness:   crying in the wilderness:   crying in the wilderness:   crying in the wilderness,
  Prepare  3  Prepare   Prepare   `Make straight*
  the way of the Lord,   the way of the Lord,   the way of the Lord,   the way of the Lord,'
  make his paths straight."   make his paths straight."   make his paths straight.   as
         5  Every valley shall be filled,   the prophet Isaiah* said."
          and every mountain    
          and hill    
          shall be brought low,    
          and the crooked     
          shall be made straight,    
          and the rough ways    
          shall be made smooth;    
        6 and all flesh shall see    
          the salvation of God."    
   [see Matt 3:1 above] 4 John* the baptizer     28 This took place
      appeared       in Bethany
      in the wilderness,*    [see Luke 3:3 above]   beyond the Jordan,
      preaching*       where John*
      a baptism of repentance*       was baptizing.
      for the forgiveness of sins.*        

Color Code


 Four texts use same vocabulary.
 Blue  Three texts use same vocabulary.
 Teal  Two texts use same vocabulary.
 Black  Words unique to a particular text.
   No parallel text in this gospel.
*  Same wording, different order.
< >  RSV wording altered to reflect Greek
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