Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke

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Critical Acclaim & Reviews

[NB: Given the ephemeral nature of digital publishing
many of the web pages from which the following blurbs were excerpted
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  • A Synoptic Gospels Primer was one of the first 26 websites chosen for inclusion in the American Theological Libraries Association ATSRW List of Cataloged Websites, 28 June 2005.

  • "First class, user-friendly web site, providing useful introductions to the study of the Synoptic Problem, sample synopses and an extensive bibliography, all from the perspective of the dominant Two-Source Theory. A good place to begin one's study of the Synoptic Gospels." -- Prof. Mark Goodacre, Department of Religion, Duke U [New Testament Gateway (offline Aug 2020)].

  • "Another site rich in detail with the materials excellently presented. Maintained by Mahlon Smith, this is a valuable resource for both teachers and scholars." -- Prof. Thomas R. W. Longstaff, Colby College ME [The Two Gospel Hypothesis (offline Aug 2017)].

  • "A treasure trove..." "your Synoptic Primer page is a work of art. Not only is it rich with information, but the work that went into its organization results in a remarkably good looking and exceptionally useful resource.  I doubt that you are so inclined, but it is certainly worth publishing in hard copy!" -- Dr. Michael T. MacDonell (PhD in biology, doctoral candidate in biblical studies, Trinity Bible College & Seminary, British Columbia, Canada)  [e-mail cited with permission].

  • "Stunningly well-done site by Professor Mahlon Smith of Rutgers that clearly describes both the problem of the differing accounts of Jesus found in the Gospels as well as the solutions--throughout history and today--to understanding this problem." -- Prof. Alan Godlas, Department of Religion, U of Georgia [Judaism, Christianity, Religious Studies & Mysticism Links].

  • "As a technologist I found the Synoptic Gospels Primer a great demonstration of the power of electronic delivery of scholarly materials." "Mahlon Smith has made good use of hypertext links and text coloring to illustrate Synoptic Gospel issues for undergraduates. This is a "primer" only in the sense that it relies upon an English translation of the text, which makes it more accessible to its intended audience. The site and its techniques merit extended study and emulation by scholars concerned with textual or textual transmission issues."  -- Patrick Durusau, Director of Research & Development, Society of Biblical Literature [Sites of Interest (off-line Aug 2020) & personal e-mail cited with permission].

  • "This is a clear, well-structured resource that provides an excellent introduction to its subject." -- Dr. James A. J. Wilson, Oxford University [Intute: Arts & Humanities (off-line July 2011)].

  • "Thanks for your helpful web site, which I was just using with much profit." -- Dr. Joel Marcus, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, Boston University School of Theology [personal e-mail, cited with permission].

  • "A good introduction to Synoptic Problem studies" -- Prof. John S. Kloppenborg, U of Toronto  [New Testament & Christian Origins].

  • "an invaluable introduction to the synoptic gospels" - Alliance for Life Long Learning (Oxford, Stanford & Yale University Libraries) [AllLearn: New Testament].

  • "The Synoptic Gospels Primer... certainly succeeds by presenting a detailed source critical analysis of several pericopes in accordance with the Two Source Hypothesis, the Griesbach or Two Gospel Hypothesis, the Farrer Hypothesis, and the Augustinian Hypothesis. This site also includes an informative glossary of important terms and concepts in synoptic source criticism." - Stephen C. Carlson [The Synoptic Problem Home Page & Other Internet Resources, posted by Jerusalem Perspective On-Line].

  • "An excellent site on the Synoptics" - West England Ministerial Training Course [Introduction to the New Testament (off-line)].

  • "Very easy to use" -- Independent Schools Training for Religious Studies, UK [Resource Pages: New Testament].

  • "I am a Lutheran pastor coordinating a Lay School for Mission training people for leadership roles in the church.  This term I am teaching the New Testament Course.  I came upon your web site  when I was looking for material to assist in teaching the synoptic problem and redaction criticism.  What a treasure!  With the color-coding and the easy navigating parallels, this will greatly aid me in my teaching task.  Thank you." -- Rev. Peter Jonas, First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Iron Mountain, MI [personal e-mail, cited with permission].

  • "It's rare that I see [a] web page that so perfectly captures the power of HTML to make complex ideas accessible as this wonderful website...." -- Svend White [Akram's Razor].

  •   "Top Site - Best of the Web" -- Wabash Center for Teaching & Learning in Theology & Religion [Internet Guide to Religion (off-line 2018)].

  • "Best of the Web" [New York Public Library].

  • Link of the month (December 2000): "Very useful" -- Prof. Torrey Seland, Volda University, Norway [Resource Pages for Biblical Studies].

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