Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke

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Synoptic Gospel Outline #2a

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Line Saying Title Matt 5-7 Mark Luke 6 Other
S1 Poor have kingdom Matt 5:3   Luke 6:20 Thom 54:1
S2 Mourners Matt 5:4   [see line S5]  
S3 Meek Matt 5:5     Didache 3:7
S4 Hungry satisfied Matt 5:6   Luke 6:21a Thom 69:2
S5 Weepers [see line S2]   Luke 6:21b  
S6 Merciful Matt 5:7      
S7 Pure in heart Matt 5:8      
S8 Peacemakers Matt 5:9      
S9 Persecuted for justice Matt 5:10     Thom 69:1
S10 Rejoice when rejected Matt 5:11-12   Luke 6:22-23 Thom 68:1-2 
S11 Woe to wealthy     Luke 6:24  
S12 Woe to well-fed     Luke 6:25a  
S13 Woe to laughers     Luke 6:25b  
S14 Woe when praised     Luke 6:26  
S15 Salt's value Matt 5:13 Mark 9:49-50 [see line 220]  
S16 Light of world Matt 5:14     Thom 24:3
S17 Lighted lamp Matt 5:15   [see line 191] Thom 33:2-3
S18 Let your light shine Matt 5:16      
S19 Fulfill Law & prophets Matt 5:17      
S20 Law unchanged Matt 5:18   [see line 228]  
S21 Exceeding Pharisees Matt 5:19-20      
S22 Anger condemned Matt 5:21-22      
S23 Reconciliation first Matt 5:23-24      
S24 Agree with accuser Matt 4:25-26   [see line 205] Didache 1:5b
S25 Against lust Matt 5:27-28     Didache 1:4a
S26 Remove offender Matt 5:29-30 [see line 161] Mark 9:43-48    
S27 Against divorce Matt 5:31-32 [see line 242] [see line 229]  
S28 Against oaths Matt 5:33-37      
S29 Love enemies [see line S35]   Luke 6:27-28 Didache 1:3b
S30 Against retaliation Matt 5:38-39   Luke 6:29a Didache 1:4b
S31 Surrender clothes Matt 5:40   Luke 6:29b Didache 1:4d
S32 Go 2nd mile Matt 5:41     Didache 1:4c
S33 Give without limit Matt 5:42   Luke 6:30 Didache 1:5a
S34 Golden rule [see line S58]   Luke 6:31-30  
S35 Love enemies Matt 5:43-44   [see line S29] Didache 1:3b
S36 Children of Father Matt 5:45   [see line S39]  
S37 Act better than Matt 5:46-47   Luke 6:32-34 Didache 1:3c
S38 Love enemies [see line S35]   Luke 6:35a  
S39 Children of Most High [see line S36]   Luke 6:35b  
S40 Be like Father Matt 5:48   Matt 6:14-15  
S41 Against public alms Matt 6:1-4     Thom 14:3  
S41a Right & left hand Matt 6:3-4     Thom 62:2
S42 Against public prayer Matt 6:5-6     Thom 14:2
S43 Jesus' prayer Matt 6:7-13   [see line 182] Didache 8:2
S44 Forgivers forgiven Matt 6:14-15 [see line 267] [see line S51]  
S45 Against public fasting Matt 6:16-18     Didache 8:1
S46 Treasure in heaven Matt 6:19-21   [see line 200] Thom 76:3
S47 Sound eye Matt 6:22-23   [see line 191a]  
S48 Serving two masters Matt 6:24   [see line 225] Thom 47:2
S49 Against anxiety Matt 6:25-33   [see line 199] Thom 36:1-2
S50 Tomorrow's worries Matt 6:24      
S51 Against judging Matt 7:1   Luke 6:37  
S52 Measure for measure Matt 7:2   Luke 6:38  
S53 Blind leading blind [see line 137b]   Luke 6:39 Thom 34:1
S54 Disciple like teacher [see line 67]   Luke 6:40  
S55 Speck & timber Matt 7:3-5   Luke 6:41-42 Thom 26:1-2 
S56 Dogs & swine Matt 7:6     Thom 93:1-2
S57 Son asks / Father gives  Matt 7:7-11   [see line 184] Thom 94:1-2
S58 Golden rule Matt 7:12   [see line S34 Didache 1:2
S59 Narrow entrance Matt 7:13-14    [see line 210a Thom 6:3
S60 False prophets Matt 7:15       
S61 Known by fruit [see line S64]   Luke 6:43  
S62 Gathering fruit Matt 7:16   Luke 6:44 Thom 45:1
S63 Fruit like tree Matt 7:16      
S64 Tree & fruit Matt 7:18   [see line S61]  
S65 Fruitless tree cut down Matt 7:19      
S66 Known by fruit (reprise) Matt 7:20[see line S61]      
S67 Good produces good [see line 89]   Luke 6:45 Thom 45:2-4
S68 Calling Jesus "Lord" Matt 7:21   Luke 6:46  
S69 I don't know you Matt 7:22-23   [see line 210b]  
S70 Two house builders Matt 7:24-27   Luke 6:47-49  

Code Key  Source
   Triple tradition: passage in Matt, Mark & Luke   Mark*
   Double tradition (1): passage in Matt + Mark or Mark + Luke     Mark*
   Double tradition (2): passage in Matt + Luke but not Mark   Q*
   Single tradition (1): passage only in Mark   Mark
   Single tradition (2): passage only in Matt   Matt
   Single tradition (3): passage only in Luke   Luke
   No parallel material in this gospel  
   Parallel material in Thomas
   Parallel material in Didache
Matt 5:3  Key words to aid comparison of variant versions.
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* Sources according to Two Source Hypothesis

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