Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke

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Synoptic Gospel Outline #9

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Line Subject Matt 28 Mark 16 Luke 24  Other  
378 Women come to tomb


 John 20:1 
379 Stone rolled away

John 20:1 

380 Messenger at tomb

John 20:12

381 Guards terrified

382 Message: Jesus not here

383 Women told: tell disciples

384 Women leave tomb (in fear)

385 Women meet Jesus    

John 20:14-17

386 Jesus repeats message      
387 Priests bribe guards: say      
388 Disciples doubt women      
389 Jesus joins two disciples      
390 Jesus breaks bread      
391 Eleven see Jesus    

John 20:19 

392 Jesus eats fish      
393 Jesus appears in Galilee      
394 Jesus' last words    
395 Jesus' departure      

Code Key  Source
   Triple tradition: passage in Matt, Mark & Luke   Mark*
   Double tradition (1): passage in Matt + Mark or Mark + Luke     Mark*
   Double tradition (2): passage in Matt + Luke but not Mark   Q*
   Single tradition (1): passage only in Mark   Mark
   Single tradition (2): passage only in Matt   Matt
   Single tradition (3): passage only in Luke   Luke
   No parallel material in this gospel  
   Parallel material in John
Matt 5:3  Key words to aid comparison of variant versions.
 Pointer displays chapter & verse location of passage.


 Key element(s) in other versions missing in this gospel  
[see line 5]  Related passage in different sequence. Click to navigate.  


 Pericope in English. Click title to navigate.  


 Pericope in both English and Greek. Click title to navigate.  

* Sources according to Two Source hypothesis

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