The LORD bless you and keep you
                    The LORD make his face shine upon you 
                                                  and be gracious to you
                   The LORD lift his countenance upon you
                                                        and give you peace.
                                                      -- Numbers 6:24-26


your smile:
the rising warm
removes the dismal shroud
and dries the inner storm
which I allowed

your breath:
a living wind
which clears away the past,
forgiving when I sinned
with lasting fears
of death.

your voice:
the moving calm
that stills a static mind---
a proven balm to heal
the ills I find
in choice.

your kiss:
an earthen thing
touched with growing grace,
that brings to birth in me
the face of GOD---
such bliss!


--- Mahlon H. Smith


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* Author's note: This reflection on Aaron's blessing
was first published as a Christmas card
  (December 1969).

Author's sketch: Gabriel's greeting
represents Luke 1:28

Collected Poems
Mahlon H Smith

copyright 2005
all rights reserved